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At Tan Tock Seng Hospital, we value the pivotal role General Practitioners (GPs) and family physicians play in providing quality primary healthcare in Singapore.

The Primary Care Partners Office (PCPO) at TTSH is committed to enhance partnership programmes and collaborations between GPs, family physicians and our specialists to deliver comprehensive medical care for our mutual patients.

Matters of The Heart

Every day, around 15 people die from Cardiovascular Heart Disease in Singapore. Find out from Dr Chia Pow-li, Consultant at TTSH's Cardiology Department, what the three most common heart diseases in Singapore are, as well as its treatments and prevention.

Find out more at TTSH's Cardiology Department.

TTSH Charity Ride 2014

This year, TTSH Charity Ride 2014 heads to Phuket, Thailand, from 22 to 25 May 2014, covering close to 190km in 2 days, along the beaches of Phuket to the hilly Khao Sok.

Go the distance and make a difference!