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Tenderers are to strictly follow our criteria for site show. As all our site show is compulsory, only those who attended the Site Showround will be eligible to tender.

  1. TTSH owns the copyright to specifications, terms and conditions as posted on this site. The specifications, terms and conditions should not be reproduced in whole or in part without the permission of TTSH.
  2. TTSH bears no responsibility for and shall not be bound in any way whatsoever if the specifications owned by any individual or the company are found similar to the ones that are posted on this site.
  3. The terms of this quotation have been posted on this site in their full intent and effect. TTSH bears no responsibility for and shall not be bound by any changes to such terms by unauthorised third parties.
  4. TSH does not guarantee that the terms received by you or this site comply with those as originally published. If you wish to respond to this quotation, you are advised to verify such terms directly with the Materials Management Dept of TTSH.
  5. Please note that our hospital's Standard Conditions of Contract SCC.3 _10 dated 2008 shall apply to the Quotation document and Purchase Order . Only for renovation and alteration works, Standard Conditions of Contract SCC.1 shall apply to the Quotation document and Purchase Order

Effective 25th June 2001, we do not enclose the Standard Conditions of Contract SCC.1 and SCC.3_10 dated 2008 in our Invitation to Quote document. All Suppliers/Contractors who respond to our Invitation to Quote would have deem to have read our Standard Conditions of Contract SCC.1 and SCC.3_10 Dated 2008.

In addition, Suppliers/Contractors who participated in our Invitation to Quote or Tender are required to conform to the following:

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