Patient Guide

For Outpatients

Our Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOC) covers 27 medical disciplines and provides consultation services. Please note that consultations at our SOCs are by appointment only.

Other than emergency cases (i.e. admissions through Emergency (A&E)), appointments for admission to TTSH are made during your visit to our Specialist Clinics.

Patient classification

Outpatients are classified as either private or subsidised patients according to the following criteria:

Non-subsidised patient if you are:

  • A self-referred / walk-in case
  • Referred by General Practitioner (GP)
  • Referred by Government / Restructured Hospital or Polyclinic, specifying a consultant by name
  • Industrial Accident case
  • Previously discharged from class A or B1 ward and requires outpatient follow-up treatment
  • A non-resident

Subsidised if you are:

  • Referred by a Government / Restructured Hospital / Polyclinic without specifying a consultant by name
  • Previously discharged from class B2 or C ward and require outpatient follow-up treatment

Before your appointment

  1. Please come at least 15 minutes before your appointment time for registration.
  2. Upon registration, you will be given a queue number and the consultation room number of your doctor.
  3. Please take a seat and wait for your number to be flashed on the monitor as well as outside the consultation room.
  4. Your doctor will then see you.

During your appointment


Please make payment at the clinic’s reception after your consultation. We accept cash, NETS, credit cards (Mastercard or Visa) and personal cheques.

For more information, please refer to the charges of outpatient consultation service.

Please note that outpatient charges are not payable through Medisave, except for selected procedures such as chemotherapy. Payment in such instances is subject to withdrawal limits governed by the Central Provident Fund Board.

Follow-up appointments

After your first visit, you will be given your own Outpatient Appointment Card, with your personal information and your next appointment date. 

Please keep this card properly as you need to present it and your employment pass (if any) for subsequent visits. 

The card also helps to speed up the registration process for your convenience.


Please collect your prescription and proceed to the pharmacy for your medicine. Our pharmacies are located at Basement 2 and Level 2.


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