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A gallery of projects and exhibitions produced by TTSH.

  • TTSH Heartbeats

    Join us on a journey with us as we go behind the scenes and explore these untold stories that together make up the Heartbeat of our Hospital.​

  • Our Emeritus

    The Emeritus is an esteemed title bestowed to staff for their lifetime contribution to healthcare.

  • #HealthcareHeroes

    On behalf of healthcare institutions across Singapore, thank you to everyone who has been sending in their artworks to energise our staff and workers during this fight against COVID-19.

  • Nursing Innovations

    Cultivated over the years, our nursing culture of creative thinking and open communications has sparked approximately 100 ground-up innovations.

  • Stronger Together, Better Together

    A photo series documenting the best of our people, trudging forward as one in our fight against the invisible enemy throughout the past year.

  • TTSH Reference Library

    A collection of books published by TTSH over the years.

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