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Walk with Us

“We walk to care for our patients”

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Our nurses work tirelessly to care for our patients' well-being. Each day, they 'walk' to administer medications and treatments for patients, oversee daily operations at the wards, ensure patients' physical and mental well-being among their many other roles.

This August, to mark TTSH Community's Fund 25th anniversary, our nurses are walking to fundraise for the charity. Five nurses from have each pledged to walk 250,000 steps in 25 days.

Support their Steps in Caring for our patients by:

  1. Donating towards their campaigns; and/or
  2. Walk 250,000 steps to support their "steps". Rally your families and friends to donate to their campaign and support your effort.

All donations go to TTSH Community Fund. Find out more about our nurses' journey in caring for our patients.

Walk with us
Click on the profiles below to make a donation!

Besides helping needy patients, our Charity also supports healthcare research, training and innovation for our staff and the community to deliver better patient care.

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Impacted by Covid-19

Covid-19 has disrupted the lives and livelihoods of people across all walks of life. Needy patients are adversely affected and are especially vulnerable during this economic downturn. Yet, their plight may not always be visible to the general public.

We seek your support for our needy patients who are impacted by Covid-19 and the worsening economic climate. Thankfully, they are not stricken with the virus-borne disease; but sadly, they are not spared too, because of their medical conditions and poor family support.

Your donation today will enable our Charity to continue our support for needy patients in the community.

Funds raised also goes towards healthcare research, training and innovation to provide better patient care.

Impacted by COVID 19


​Have you ever experienced what it is like to stay in a hospital and how it can be disruptive to your daily life and the daily routines of your loved ones?

This is especially so for the elderly - a constant change in environment can be unsettling.

Iwanttogohome (IWGH) Fund provides financial assistance to needy patients to afford the services and equipment required for timely discharge from the hospital, and prevents re-admissions. The Fund helps patients in areas such as interim care services, medical consumables and medical equipment, and subsidised rate for community health team services.

Make a donation today, so that our needy patients can recuperate at home.

I want to go home

Remembrance Giving

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal.
Love leaves a memory no one can steal. - Richard Puz

Remembrance donation is one comforting way to keep a person's memory alive.

For example, in memory of your loved ones, you can encourage your family and friends to make a donation instead of wreaths. You may want to share with us the story* of the person you are remembering, and/or make a dedicated donation in confidence to let their memory live on through our life-saving work.

Besides helping needy patients, our Charity also supports healthcare research, training and innovation for our staff and the community, to deliver better patient care.

Remembrance Giving

Mr Cheong's Heartfelt Wishes

After a stormy hospitalization and new diagnosis of advanced nasopharyngeal cancer, Mr Cheong suffered multiple losses including his independence, his senses of hearing and speech, and more importantly, his roles as a breadwinner, a husband and a father.

As a result, he became moody and withdrawn. He was reluctant to participate in activities, preferring to stay in bed and stare into space.

In September 2019, Mr Cheong was introduced to art therapy to help him better manage his emotions. Initially hesitant, he surprised the team when he became very inspired by an abstract artwork and started looking forward to art therapy sessions. He also became more engaged with the speech, physio and occupational therapists, and was slowly able to confidently navigate around independently, and self-engage in art-making.

Mr Cheong's artworks tell an ongoing story of his healing and self-actualisation journey. He continued making art until his peaceful passing in early June 2020. You can view his online art gallery here:

One of Mr Cheong's greatest wishes was to raise funds through his artworks, to pay it forward. Help us fulfill Mr Cheong's wishes by making a gift today. All donations will go towards providing art therapy for terminally-ill patients through the Programme of All Inclusive Care for the Terminally Ill (PACT) Fund.

Mr Cheong's Heartfelt Wishes

Help me Go Home

When illness strikes, it is not just the patient, but the entire family is often affected - financially, emotionally; daily living routines are never the same again. It is also common for family members to quit their jobs to take on caregiving roles, particularly when the patients are not able to take care of their own personal needs alone. The loss of income cause great financial and emotional stress for both patients and their family members.

This is where TTSH Community Fund comes in to support them so that they can better cope and manage.

Some needy patients we help include those who are dependent on breathing equipment due to respiratory illnesses or conditions caused by other medical issues. Many such patients want to go home but they cannot afford the expensive out-of-pocket cost of the breathing equipment. TTSH Community Fund's Help Me Go Home Programme provides these patients with the much needed breathing machines and also cough assist machines where required, so that they can return home to their loved ones.

Help Me Go Home

Adding Colours to Life

TTSH department of Care & Counselling sees many underprivileged patients and looks for possible avenues to support the required consumables/ equipment that patients need but are not able to afford.

The department launched an art programme called "ARTiculate", whereby patients are provided with a more holistic healing experience through expressing their feelings and emotions using art.

Support our needy patients today by donating through this campaign and help add colours to their life. All donations will go towards our Social Care Fund.

By making a donation of $30 and above, you will receive an exclusive ARTiculate! book which will be mailed directly to the address you've provided on the online form.

Add Colours to Life

Helping ElderLy Patients Programme (HELP)

Many of the elderly patients under TTSH Community Fund's Helping ElderLy Patients (HELP) Programme have no income, little savings and limited family support. Our Programme steps in to support them when all other avenues have been exhausted, to help maintain their health and improve their quality of life.

The Programme supports needy elderly patients, aged 55 and above, with their out-of-pocket expenses such as diapers, wound dressings, nutrition, interim-dialysis, mobility aids and dentures etc. All donations go directly towards the HELP Programme.

HELP Elderly Patients

Patient Giving

Many of our ex-patients and family members have donated to TTSH Community Fund out of gratitude for the care shown and services rendered during their care journey at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH).

If you would also like to thank our doctors, nurses and allied health professionals for taking good care of you / your loved ones during their stay at TTSH, you can donate to our cause, to help our needy patients.

Besides helping needy patients, our Charity also supports healthcare research, training and innovation for our staff and the community, to deliver better patient care.

Patient Giving


Many of us live to eat – we have access to a myriad of great food places and delivery options that we could indulge ourselves in at the slightest excuse. If you spare just the price of one meal, or simply skip that overrated dessert, and donate the equivalent to TTSH Community Fund, you are helping to provide timely assistance to needy elderly patients.

Our patients may need assistive aids such as breathing equipment and wheelchairs, interim dialysis treatments, non-standard medication, home-based therapy, nutritional supplements to help them control their condition or recover. Others may need dentures so that they can take their daily meals or hearing aids so they can hear their loved ones. All these out-of-pocket expenses are not subsidised.

Your donation will help ease the financial burden and improve their quality of life.

Spare a Meal today?

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