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TTSH Charity Heritage Walk 2019: Tan Tock Seng’s Journey is TTSH Community Fund’s inaugural heritage walk for charity.

This milestone event will commemorate the hospital’s 175th Anniversary, and mark 200 years of Singapore’s history. As such, this special event has been endorsed by the Singapore Bicentennial Office (SBO) as part of the Singapore Bicentennial Commemoration. All proceeds from the event will go to TTSH Community Fund for delivering and improving patient care.

About Tan Tock Seng’s Journey

This walk chronicles the life and contributions of Mr Tan Tock Seng, who donated 7,000 Spanish dollars to build the Pauper’s Hospital to help the poor sick in old Singapore at Pearl’s Hill in 1844.

Through heritage sites along the trail starting from Pearl’s Hill to present day TTSH at Novena, participants will learn about Mr Tan’s life and his contributions to early Singapore. We hope this will bring greater awareness of Singapore’s rich history and how early merchants who made good also made great efforts to better the lives of our forefathers, who were in turn able to contribute to Singapore today.

Yet ever since I began running my business, in my private heart I have always desired to be able to do something for abandoned and suffering people.”

- Mr Tan Tock Seng, 1845 

Key Event Details


How Will It Be Done?


Note: Collection details for walking pack will be provided closer to the event date. 

What Will Participants Get?


Frequently Asked Questions

Download TTSH Charity Heritage Walk 2019 FAQ (976 kb, PDF)

Tan Tock Seng’s Journey

Distance: Approximately 8.8 km
Estimated Time Needed: 3 hours
Starting Point: Pearl’s Hill
Ending Point: Tan Tock Seng Hospital (Ng Teng Fong CHI)

About the trail

In 1844, Tan Tock Seng Hospital was founded by Mr Tan Tock Seng who donated 7,000 Spanish Dollars to build the Chinese Pauper’s Hospital at Pearl’s Hill for ‘the poor sick of all nations’. Mr Tan Tock Seng was one of the early forefathers of Singapore who have contributed greatly to the foundation of Singapore in its formative years – especially in healthcare and social care.

This trail will bring participants to various historically significant sites in Singapore associated with Mr Tan Tock Seng and his family, and traces the history of the hospital.

Step 1: Register

You can register using either:

  1. Online form 
  2. Hardcopy Form (280 kb, PDF) 

Send us a scan copy of your completed form to and/or fax your completed form to us at +65 6357 2492. 

By filling up the registration form, you consent to the Terms and Conditions (231 kb, PDF) of the event and our Data Protection Privacy Notice.

We will respond to you via email within 3 working days.

Step 2: Donate

Make your donation of $50/- using the following platforms:

  1. Online donation on Please indicate your Name and NRIC for easy identification of your donation.
  2. Cash donation: You can make a cash donation to TTSH Community Fund at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Please inform the TTSH CF at 6357 2500 and/or before coming down to make your donations.


*If your total donation amount is above $225 ($50+$175), you will secure a slot for the TTSH Charity Heritage Walk 2019.  

*All donations are non-refundable even if you are unable to participate for any reason. Tax exemption receipt (TER) will be given for donations $50 and above. All monetary donations are eligible for tax exemption at 2.5 times the donated amount (only applicable for Singapore tax-payers only). 


Step 3: Fundraise

You can raise funds for TTSH Community Fund using one or more of the following methods:

  1. Pledge Cards and/or
  2. Online Microsite using
    (After setting up your microsite, email with your (1) Microsite URL, (2) Name and (3) NRIC) 

Minimum fundraising target of $175/- per participant have to be achieved by 1st March 2019.

Pledge card information

Click here (364 kb, PDF) for pledge card FAQs and pledge card collection schedule.

Online microsite information

Click here (355 kb, PDF) for step-by-step instructions on how to set up your own online microsite and for sample campaign write-up for your online microsite.

Download campaign images for your online microsite 

Step 4: Confirmation

Upon achieving your fundraising target of $175/- inform TTSH Community Fund. You will receive a slot confirmation email from us.


Interested to participate as a corporate team? Contact us at 6357 2493and/or to find out more.

Contact Details

If you have any queries, feel free to contact as at: Tel: 6357 2493, Email:

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Our Partners, Donors and Sponsors

Together, We Can Make A Difference! Drop us an email at if you wish to partner with us or help.


One To A Million.jpg If we could paint the bleak sky with one star for every donation pledged, would you help us fill the sky with a million blazing stars?

You don’t need a lot to give a little – One to a Million Quest shows how a small regular donation (as little as $10/month) from one person can make a huge daily impact in the community we live in, especially in uncertain economic times.

Besides providing assistance to those who need it most, your contribution also goes a long way in helping us deliver holistic care for our patients. Through healthcare research, innovation, as well as training for our staff and the community, our Fund strives to add on many more years of healthy living for our patients and light up their healing journey at TTSH.

The light of one may be faint, but imagine the spectacular sight a million stars together could create! Be the one in a million and shine in support of our Charity work.

Online Donation | One-to-a-Million-Quest-Donation-Form.pdf*

*All monetary donations will enjoy 250% tax-exemption (applicable to Singapore tax-payers only). A tax-exemption receipt will be issued for donations of SGD$50.00 and above/upon request. Note: Please do not mail cash. You may contact us if you wish to make a cash donation in person.

Spare A Meal.jpgMany of us live to eat – we have access to a myriad of great food places and delivery options that we could indulge ourselves in at the slightest excuse.
If you spare just the price of one meal, or simply skip that overrated dessert, and donate the equivalent to TTSH Community Fund, you are helping to provide timely assistance to needy elderly patients.

Our patients may need assistive aids such as breathing equipment and wheelchairs, interim dialysis treatments, non-standard medication, home-based therapy, nutritional supplements to help them control their condition or recover. Others may need dentures so that they can take their daily meals or hearing aids so they can hear their loved ones. All these out-of-pocket expenses are not subsidised.

Your donation will help ease the financial burden and improve their quality of life.

Can you Spare a Meal today?

Online Donation | Spare A Meal Donation Form.pdf*

*All monetary donations will enjoy 250% tax-exemption (applicable to Singapore tax-payers only). A tax-exemption receipt will be issued for donations of SGD$50.00 and above/upon request. Note: Please do not mail cash. You may contact us if you wish to make a cash donation in person.

The-World-On-Your-Plate.pngSingapore is a food paradise. It is common to find that many foreign visitors and friends invariably miss the local cuisines available here. Hence, this very special recipe book was conceived – bringing together our friends from the diplomatic community to share their favourite recipes from their home countries, to raise funds for HELP (Helping ElderLy Patients), a programme for needy patients under TTSH Community Fund.

As we celebrate life through the enjoyment of good food, we can also help the needy elderly sick in the community, many of whom, in their 60s and beyond, had been toiling alongside Singapore as it grew through the years. This project is a tribute to them, the elderly, who have contributed in their own ways to the progress of Singapore. Former President of Singapore, Dr Tony Tan had also graciously penned the foreword for this coffee table book. This special book also features a recipe from the late Minister Mentor Mr Lee Kuan Yew's family.

Receive a copy of 'The World on your Plate' by extending your helping hand to the needy elderly now!

Limited copies of 'The World on your Plate' are available. There will be no reprints. You may own a copy of this meaningful book by making a donation or taking up a corporate sponsorship package.

Online Donation | The-World-On-Your-Plate-Donation-Form.pdf*

*All monetary donations will enjoy 250% tax-exemption (applicable to Singapore tax-payers only). A tax-exemption receipt will be issued for donations of SGD$50.00 and above/upon request. Note: Please do not mail cash. You may contact us if you wish to make a cash donation in person.

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