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Many of the elderly patients under TTSH Community Fund’s Helping ElderLy Patients (HELP) Programme have no income, little savings and limited family support. Our Programme steps in to support them when all avenues have been exhausted, to help maintain their health and improve their quality of life. The programme supports needy elderly patients, aged 55 and above, with out-of-pocket expenses such as diapers, wound dressings, nutrition, interim-dialysis, mobility aids and dentures.

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Many of us live to eat – we have access to a myriad of great food places and delivery options that we could indulge ourselves in at the slightest excuse. If you spare just the price of one meal, or simply skip that overrated dessert, and donate the equivalent to TTSH Community Fund, you are helping to provide timely assistance to needy elderly patients.

Our patients may need assistive aids such as breathing equipment and wheelchairs, interim dialysis treatments, non-standard medication, home-based therapy, nutritional supplements to help them control their condition or recover. Others may need dentures so that they can take their daily meals or hearing aids so they can hear their loved ones. All these out-of-pocket expenses are not subsidised.

Your donation will help ease the financial burden and improve their quality of life.

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