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HIV/AIDS affects patients both physically and emotionally. Besides having to cope with the physical impact of the virus that destroys their immune system, many of them also face discrimination and isolation due to the social stigma and myths associated with HIV/AIDS. Previously known as the Patient Care Centre (PCC), NCID Cares looks after the physical and emotional well-being of HIV/AIDS patients and provides support for their families.

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Campaigns and Events

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The SG Cares Giving Week is a nation-wide movement that seeks to rally Singaporeans to give their time, talent and resources to support the causes they are passionate about. These little acts of kindness, when multiple times over, can make a world of difference to those in need.

Your donation will help in the following programmes under NCID Cares:

  1. Patient Rehabilitation & Support Programmes
    • Red Ribbon Project
    • Nutritional Programme
  2. Medication and Diagnostic Subsidies
  3. Education & Volunteer Training Programmes

NCID Cares, previously known as 'Patient Care Centre' is a community-based hospital project set up in 1997 to assist the rising numbers of needy patients living with HIV/AIDS, most of whom had little education and work opportunities in the community.

In appreciation for your support, we will be giving away handmade handicrafts by volunteers of Red Ribbon Project as token of appreciation with a min. donation of $50.

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