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29 July 2022

The Home Ventilation & Respiratory Support Service (HVRSS) was conferred the Service Delivery Excellence Award in the 2022 Public Sector Transformation Awards.

Service Delivery Excellence Award

Home Ventilation & Respiratory Support Service (HVRSS)

Since its establishment in 2009, the HVRSS programme has enabled stable ventilator-dependent patients to go home and be re-integrated back into their family and community.

The biggest difference our programme has made is that we allow ventilator-dependent patients to go home and they can go on to live, to some extent, like a normal human being – they can communicate, they can have a social life with their family and friends."

- Dr Chan Yeow, Clinical Director of HVRSS

The HVRSS team was recognised for their contribution to the healthcare landscape with their delivery of patient-centred and coordinated care through close partnerships with the patients and their families, as well as through inter-departmental and inter-organisation collaborations. They have also developed a sustainable and strong caregiver support group and contributed to capability building and upskilling of community partners through sharing of their experience and expertise.

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