A Legacy of Care

As a precinct that already hosts many established medical organisations across the healthcare spectrum, the Novena area is a natural choice for a medical hub. Serving the needs of residents from across the island, the existing hub includes public institutions as well as those operated by private healthcare organisations. More than just a physical location, Health City Novena will be an intricate nexus that taps interlinked networks of knowledge, expertise and human capital.


“During the Japanese Occupation, TTSH was known as Hakuai Byoin – Universal Love Hospital. It was also home to me literally. I grew up in the living quarters allocated to my father, Dr Benjamin Chew who was Head of TTSH Medicine then and brought my own children up there when I became the head myself years later. My wife Dr Anna Hui was also seeing patients in the 70s and 80s at the TB Control Unit. After more than 50 years looking after patients in this area, the community here is like an extended family to me. I look forward to the conservation of the rich legacy of care for generations to come”
– Adjunct Professor Chew Chin Hin, Emeritus Consultant, TTSH


Steeped in local medical history, the interconnected nodes that make up the different institutions involved have all contributed richly to the heritage of this sprawling hub. Without a proper grasp of the past, it is impossible to obtain a proper perspective of the present or the future. To every single individual who has played a part in the story so far, we salute you.


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