Integration with Community

As a long-term resident in Novena, the project will create an environment that the public will be drawn to. There will be distinctive architecture and urban design elements to create a sense of arrival and imbue the area with its own distinctive identity.

Lush open spaces, parks, plazas and pedestrian-friendly boulevards will make it conducive for activities to be held there. The sheltered boulevard leading to the MRT station will make a quick stroll a more lively affair with shops on both sides of the path. Elsewhere, Central Park is expected to be a key attraction for families. Needless to say, preserving the proud heritage of this corner of Novena will also be an important goal. Suggestions from the community such as trails for health, eco and heritage have also been included.

Celebrating the Health City’s spirit of diversity is a Central Park that will also be the project’s largest green space when completed. This space will fulfill a public role not only for the Health City but also for its surrounding community.

An elevated walkway that allows pedestrians to walk close to the canopy of trees, an open air theatre, playgrounds, gardens and F&B terraces are just some of the attractions that will draw in not only Health City employees and visitors but also residents in surrounding areas, redefining the spaces within and giving the hub a more eclectic and cosmopolitan, yet communitycentred character.

 Central Park

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