Integration through Connectivity

When the development is completed in 2030, more than 30,000 people will be expected to circulate through Health City Novena daily.

A key feature of the development is hence connectivity – ensuring that people and traffic flows are smooth, safe and rational, and always designed with its dynamic community in mind.

To this end, a highly connected network of public walkways, streets, boulevards and roads is planned, which means moving into, through and within the development will simply be a breezy affair.


All buildings will be linked at three levels – above ground, street level and basement. The differing needs of five distinct groups were considered in the route design process – patients (both inpatients and outpatients), staff, students, residents and the public.

Thought has been given to, for example, how patients would be cared for throughout their time here and their movement from one facility to the next. Inpatient movement between healthcare buildings within the Health City will be via dedicated skybridges, built at the same level throughout Health City to ensure hasslefree transfers and privacy.

Outpatients who come for consultations will find their clinics located nearer to the Novena MRT station for easier access with pathways to even the furthest facilities designed to be pleasant, sheltered and safe.


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