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Singapore, like many developed countries, is facing a rapidly ageing population. By 2030, one in four Singaporeans will be 65 and older. Across the island, pressure is mounting on our working demographic to support the elderly population, and as such, demand for healthcare and social services are also increasing, especially in communities that are home to a greater population of aged adults.

Strength Training Under Gymtonic Project

AWWA is no stranger to Ang Mo Kio, as we have been serving the elderly there since 1976. However, we found that there is a need to look beyond our existing services that are currently offered in a fragmented manner. This is where the AWWA Village (Community of Care) comes in. The Community of Care aims to improve the health and well-being of our seniors by establishing a network of service providers for seamless care transitions, depending on our clients’ health and social needs.

Social isolation is an issue that many seniors face. This can deprive them of meaningful, everyday interactions, which will lead to a decline of physical and mental health.

We first met Mdm Lim through our work with Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic. When we first reached out to her in October last year, she was very reserved. As Mdm Lim lives alone, our Community of Care team arranged for monthly visits to check in with her. The team taught her how to set reminders on her phone so that she will not forget about her medical appointments. We’ve also encouraged her to attend HAPPY exercise sessions at our Rehab and Day Care Centre every week and we even got her neighbor to join her so they can participate in the activity together.

Since our first meeting in October, Mdm Lim is much more cheerful and looks forward to our chitchat sessions during our visits. She is less forgetful about her medical appointments and is also still diligently attending her HAPPY exercise sessions.

Mdm Lim and a befriender from AWWA

Mdm Lim is one example of how AWWA empowers seniors to age gracefully and independently in the community. We will continue our work of keeping our seniors active and safe in their own homes, while supporting caregivers in caring for their elderly loved ones.

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