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 By MWS Home Care & Home Hospice

MWS Home Care & Home Hospice is one of the few care providers in Singapore that offers coordinated and integrated home-based care for the chronically ill and frail. As strong believers of person-centred care, we were heartened by the opportunity to work with TTSH’s Community Health Team (CHT) to support clients even more seamlessly.

A senior at MWS Senior Activity Centre – Kebun Baru receives a card from a pre-schooler during an intergenerational bonding activity

We began client discussions with the TTSH CHT team in November 2020. One of the clients we discussed during the initial meeting was Mr X, who was first referred to us from TTSH in 2018 for Home Care services. We found out through our records that Mr X was not a new client to MWS; he was already known to MWS Senior Activity Centre (SAC) – GreenTops@Sims Place. We worked closely together with our SAC colleagues to address his holistic care needs. Unfortunately, in May 2020, Mr X’s care needs grew as his condition started to deteriorate and was subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer. This led to his need for multiple re-admissions to TTSH and Raffles Hospital.

We shared the story of Mr X’s journey and the challenges we were facing as a community provider to care for his needs that required near-daily monitoring. With TTSH CHT’s team input and support, we managed to right-site his care, discharging him to Tembusu Integrated Home and Day Care (IHDC) service for more intense care in the community, which was more appropriate for Mr X’s high level of care needs. Coming together to understand Mr X’s situation and to advocate for his care needs as one team helped us to identify the best care options for Mr X. It also averted multiple hospital re-admissions and allowed Mr X to age in place.

A staff nurse from MWS Home Care & Home Hospice reminding a patient about his medication during a home visit

We look forward to working even more closely with the Central Health community providers for the betterment of our population!

[note: photos were taken before Singapore’s Circuit Breaker period]

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