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Locate the different types of care in your subzone

​Understand your own health better with your Community Health Team.

To empower residents to manage their own wellbeing, Community Health Teams work with partners to create Community Health Posts – these 'home bases' bring care directly into neighbourhoods for better accessibility and familiarity.

Community Health Teams cater to a range of needs, from promoting general wellness to stabilisation of care needs. These include:

  • Health checks;
  • Health education and health monitoring;
  • Health coaching and activities;
  • Nursing care;
  • Medication advice; and
  • Coordination and referrals to other health and social care services.

Find your Community Health Team using this map below.

​Feeling unwell? Emergency Department or GP?

Should you visit the Emergency Department or a clinic nearby?

What are the common medical conditions and symptoms that can be treated by your family doctor instead? To find out more, please click here. For the list of preferred GP clinics which you may want to visit, please click here.

​Manage chronic conditions or discuss your future care plans with your family doctor or GP.

Family doctors play an important role in the management of our patients' health in the community. They have a wide breadth of knowledge and establish long-term relationships with patients, and are often the first point of contact for people who require medical advice.

More than 100 primary care partners in Central Health work to improve the health of the population. Together, we aim to deliver coordinated and holistic care for our patients.

Read more about the Central Health Primary Care Network.

Advance Care Planning, or ACP, is a voluntary process of discussion on future care preferences between an individual, his/her family, and healthcare providers. Read more about ACP and view the list of Central Health GP partners who are trained ACP facilitators.

​It takes a village to build health together.

Locate other health and social care service providers near you. More information can also be found on the Silver Pages website.

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