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​Building on our tradition to serve, care and heal, TTSH also works with like-minded Long Term and Palliative Care partners to collectively care for our Central Health residents through meaningful partnership programmes, to allow our residents to Age Well and Leave Well in place.

​Nursing homes provide care and comfort for patients with limitations in bodily functions or who require social support. Started in 2009, Project CARE is a collaboration between TTSH and Nursing Homes in Central Singapore to enable residents to have their end-of-life care choices respected and live out their final days in dignity and comfort.

Project CARE doctor conducting an assessment on a patient at a nursing home

Read about how St Theresa’s Home and the Project CARE team care for residents

​Over the past decade, home palliative care has been focused on patients with terminal cancer conditions. In 2017, TTSH set up Programme IMPACT, which aims to give patients with non-cancer conditions (such as end stage organ failure) access to palliative care at home, including caregiver training and psychosocial support.

Through Programme IMPACT, healthcare professionals from like-minded home palliative care partners joined the care team for practical attachments, to build their capabilities in caring for patients with non-cancer needs.

Programme IMPACT nurse educating a patient on the use of a portable oxygen concentrator

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