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Dear Partners and Friends,

‘Central Health Newsletter’ is our new publication that brings you stories, learnings and collaboration opportunities in Central Singapore. We hope to highlight issues that are most relevant to us all and share stories and articles on best practices in our community. As the battle against COVID-19 has touched all our lives and our work, it is apt that we launch with stories on how we have been supporting each other and our seniors during this period.

In this inaugural issue, we share about how the TTSH Community Swab Teams have been working to support our nursing home and home care partners to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

While physical gatherings were not encouraged during the circuit breaker period and this will continue for some time, we are glad to see ongoing efforts to engage residents and caregivers. One of them is the TPY Kopi Session Caregivers’ Support Group where they have virtual meetings to support one another on their caregiving journey for their loved ones living with dementia.

Today is the last day of the Circuit Breaker but it is not the end of COVID-19. As we resume our work in phases, this is also a good time to check in on our colleagues and ourselves to ensure that even as we help our beneficiaries adapt to the new normal, we are taking care of ourselves. We will be sharing a series of self-check and emotional support tips during this period.

Let’s continue to keep our community safe.

Yours Truly,
Ms Loh Shu Ching
Executive Director,
Division for Central Health
Tan Tock Seng Hospital & Central Health

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