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Dear Partners and Friends,

Our spotlight on the different subzones of Central Singapore continues in this issue, as we look at the iconic Toa Payoh town. Arguably one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the country, Toa Payoh is home to a large number of elderly residents who have lived in Toa Payoh all their lives. Coupled with its relative small size and a vibrant town centre, Toa Payoh exudes a strong sense of community and neighborliness that is quite unique in Central Singapore.

The TTSH Community Health Team and our Central Health partners work closely to coordinate care through various Communities of Care to support Toa Payoh residents to live well and age well at home.

For example, Care Corner Seniors Services is rolling out a multidisciplinary programme to address frailty among residents who are motivated to take better care of their health through care plans that are designed based on their own health goals. Stronger Together was developed in close consultation with TTSH Allied Health Services and will be rolled out in September 2022.

As our society ages, we not only need to support our seniors to live well, but also to plan to "leave well". Life Point by Sheng Hong works closely with seniors to plan for their future care needs and raise awareness about the importance of doing so.

An often-overlooked group of residents that needs continuing support is our caregivers. When we care for caregivers, they in turn can care better for their loved ones: this is the concept that TTSH's Carer Matters began with in their work to support and empower caregivers across Central Singapore.  Read how Carer Matters has partnered with Care Corner to integrate caregiver support between the hospital and the community in Toa Payoh.

While ageing is inevitable for every person, there are care partners across Central Singapore working together to help residents age well. The work and pilots that we are doing in Toa Payoh (and Central Singapore) are important and helpful to pave the way for the rest of Singapore.

We are also almost to the annual Central Health Action & Learning Kampung (CHALK) event in November – do pencil in the date and I look forward to seeing all our partners there.

Yours Truly,
Loh Shu Ching
Executive Director,
Division for Central Health
Tan Tock Seng Hospital & Central Health

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