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When looking for the location of Geylang on a map, one notices two blue streams on either side of this Central Health subzone. Geylang is flanked by two rivers – the Kallang River on its western boundary, and the Geylang River running down the south-eastern side. These rivers remind us that life is a journey. Whilst we strive to maintain our health and live well, there will be times where we may fall ill, become frail, or encounter more complex care needs. Hence, the “River of Life” approach helps us to be mindful of the multiple facets of health and design the delivery of care in a holistic manner.

From a population health perspective, it is important to truly appreciate the relevant socio-economic factors of the 68,380 residents living in Geylang1. This includes understanding the needs and looking out for more vulnerable groups, such as seniors2 who may be living on their own, residents living in rental housing, or households with members who have difficulty carrying out functional activities such as seeing, hearing, and ambulating. The Geylang subzone comprises a relatively higher proportion of residents who are vulnerable compared to the rest of Central Health and Singapore1.


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Making sense of the population demographics allows for deliberate planning of resources and meaningful collaborations that would address the needs of our residents. Central Health and partners in the six Communities of Care (CoCs) such as Care Community Services Society Singapore, Methodist Welfare Services, Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society, and NHG Polyclinic (Geylang) have taken steps to reach out to Geylang residents through their volunteer networks and educational awareness programmes, in order to build healthier communities.

Just as how the Kallang and Geylang Rivers flow over the years, Central Health will continue to provide and adapt to changes to meet the needs of the residents of Geylang.

Yours Truly,
Loh Shu Ching
Executive Director,
Division for Central Health
Tan Tock Seng Hospital & Central Health

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  1. Census 2020, Department of Statistics
  2. Seniors refer to elderly residents aged 65 years old and above

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