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Dear Partners and Friends,

We have passed the 6-month mark from when the first COVID-19 case was detected in Singapore. As health and social care organisations, we have had to change the way we work in order to continue to deliver care. At the same time, our patients, residents and clients have also had to adapt to the new living norms to continue living safely, and keep active and in touch with society. 

In this issue, AWWA and NTUC Health share their stories of how they thought out of the box to engage their seniors and caregivers in this time of safe and social distancing. See their attempts to bring all-time favourite activities and celebrations online to attract the seniors to continue coming together. NTUC Health even arranged for their centre staff who were working from home to live stream their news and live cooking shows.

As we resume our community activities gradually and safely, there are guidelines that we have to comply to for the safety of our patients, residents and clients. It has not been easy to do so with the premise limitations. But we have been heartened by the generous sharing of advice and experience amongst our partners to help one another take the shortcut on learning. We thank Thye Hwa Kuan SAC @ TPY 31 and PeaceConnect for sharing their preparation stories through the eyes of our Community Health Teams.

It's been an interesting though stressful period for all of us dealing with the more vulnerable people in our community. I am glad that for the most part, we have been able to remain safe and keep our people safe. Some of the lessons we have learnt during this period will perhaps be permanently entrenched in our culture and processes. As we venture out of this pandemic we will become more resilient and stronger. 

August is a month of celebrations. I would like to wish all the nurses - Happy Nurses Day! And to all Singaporeans - Happy National Day!

Yours Truly,
Ms Loh Shu Ching
Executive Director
Division for Central Health
Tan Tock Seng Hospital & Central Health





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