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Central Health Newsletter

'Central Health Newsletter' brings to you stories, learnings and collaboration opportunities in Central Singapore.

Issue 18

2023 promises to be an exciting year heralding a sea change in our healthcare system. In this first issue of the year, we look at Central Health's largest subzone of Hougang, home to some 227,000 residents of all ages and walks of life.

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GP Buzz - A Publication for General Practitioners (GP)

October - December 2022 Issue: Navigating Care with Allied Health

As healthcare professionals, we all aspire to provide holistic and seamless care for our patients. While allied health professionals and services have grown in primary and community care settings over time, majority are still sited within hospitals. For our GPs, access to allied health services have to go through a referral to the specialist outpatient clinics where patients are then directed to the relevant allied health services. This process often results in increased wait time and unnecessary costs for the patients, especially if their conditions do not require specialist attention. Besides allied health services in hospitals, access to community allied health services is equally challenging, as the flows are not as seamless as they should ideally be.

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