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We are passionate about quality and always look out for ways to improve the "how" (our work processes and clinical practice) and "where" (our environment) of our work. 

These improvements allow us to impact patient care outcomes both directly and indirectly. Here are some examples of nursing quality projects:

Title: Burnout Searching

Purpose: This study identified main areas where time was wasted by health care workers due to poor workflow design, lack of standardized procedures and system flaws. Examples include:

  1. the need to search for case notes when preparing patient for operation and admission
  2. the need to go to different storage locations for commonly used items such as Vital Signs monitoring equipment and micropore tape.

Measures were implemented to address the gaps identified.

Outcomes: 68% reduction in time wasted from 8.65 minutes to 2.75 minutes (median) in time spent by healthcare workers on the identified processes.

Title: To reduce Nurses’ time in clearing continuous bladder washout output for post TURP (Trans Urethral Resection of Prostrate) patients.

Purpose: The team of nurses investigated the causes the root causes for nurses’ time spent in clearing continuous bladder washout output post-TURP and investigated effective solutions that did not compromise infection control aspects. The final product was a 4-litre urine collection bag that could accommodate more than 3 litres of urine output.

Outcomes: 1) 50% reduction in clearance time from 3900 minutes (65 hours) to 1950 minutes (32.5 hours) and manpower savings of more than $7000 per year. 2) Catheter blockages were reduced thus requiring fewer manual bladder washouts. Patients’ outcomes were improved to achieve timely discharge to home.

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