About Us​IGA aims to build a nurturing environment and culture that supports our clinicians (doctors, nurses and allied health professionals) towards conducting rigorous research and innovation relevant to the needs of older persons, to influence clinical care and propagate evidence-based knowledge through education and continuous improvement.


IGA is represented by a tree icon, which signifies our rootedness in the ethos and kampung spirit of Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), to withstand adversities and foster continuous growth.

Just as the trunk upholds the tree, IGA supports our clinicians (doctors, nurses, allied health professionals) in ageing research, innovation and educational endeavours. 

The branches and leaves represent our outward extension into the community, where we cultivate partnerships, connect people and co-create programmes together.


To be the leader in Geriatrics Research and Education, so as to enable the delivery of holistic care, person-centric health, independence, safety and quality of life of older persons


We strive for excellence in serving our ageing population through geriatrics research, innovation and education, underpinned by dedicated leadership, valued collaborations and strong commitment to our community.


We aim to develop better people to deliver better care and together, build a better community for our older persons