Community Outreach Events

International Day of Older Persons International Day of Older Persons International Day of Older Persons

International Day of Older Persons

Observed on 1 October every year, this event is held around the world in recognition of the contributions made by older persons, and reframing of challenges into seizing of opportunities.

Traditionally, we have organised annual Falls Awareness Day and World Alzheimer’s Day to raise awareness for these geriatric syndromes and initiated Active Ageing Day in 2018 to promote active ageing. This 2019 IDOP marks our foremost endeavour towards converging different aspects of ageing in addition to falls and cognition.

Active Ageing Day

Active Ageing Day

Our inaugural Active Ageing Day in 2018 celebrated the positivity of ageing in a fun and safe manner whole-heartedly, in conjunction with the Active Ageing week campaigned by the International Council of Active Ageing, Canada. Themed Go4Life, the four activation pillars of Physical Activities, Nutrition, Volunteerism and Intergenerational Activities were illustrated through a walkathon complemented by healthy food and fruits, showcasing an impossible feat without committed volunteers and families exuding intergenerational bonding! Take-home message: We can all age actively in our own creative ways!

Falls Awareness Day and World Alzheimer’s Day Falls Awareness Day and World Alzheimer’s Day

Falls Awareness Day and World Alzheimer’s Day

Serving as a springboard for community educational outreach, our annual Falls Awareness Day and World Alzheimer’s Day aim to heighten awareness of falls and dementia among the general public, including the young. Organised by a comprehensive multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, these events offer a holistic perspective of preventive strategies relating to falls and dementia. Collaborations with community partners have provided valuable connections to residents in various parts of Central Singapore, as we progress collectively towards a better community for our older persons.

Community Involvement

Bus Captain Project

Bus Captain Project

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MOH), Health Promotion Board (HPB), National Transport Workers' Union, SBS Transit and SMRT Buses, IGA is privileged to be part of the pilot Workplace Health Programme for Bus Captains, launched on 31 July 2015 jointly by then Senior Minister of State for Health and Manpower Dr Amy Khor, and Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport Mrs Josephine Teo.

Specially tailored for the bus captains, this programme brings healthcare to their doorstep so that this group of mature workers can better manage their health.

Bus captains undergo health and vision screenings, in addition to attending monthly health coaching sessions held at the bus interchanges. Various clinical specialties are assembled to provide domain expertise and guidance for health sessions, with topics ranging from chronic disease management and smoking cessation, nutrition and physical activity, stress management and sleep, to driving ergonomics.