03 NOVEMBER 2020

'The role is demanding': How a new resource aims to help caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Calling caregivers the “invisible workforce”, Dr Lim Wee Shiong, who is a senior consultant at Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s department of geriatric medicine stressed the importance of their role in today’s society.

04 OCTOBER 2019

First-of-its-kind study sheds new light on sarcopenic obesity

Sarcopenic obesity or "fat frailty" is a little-known health condition that could have a big impact on older persons. Emerging in recent years as a global phenomenon, sarcopenic obesity confluences our rapidly ageing population and rising obesity rate, and is associated with poorer health outcomes.


Tackling ageing issues: Turning silver into gold as Singaporeans live longer

With life expectancy of Singaporeans rising steadily, living to 100 years might no longer be a pipe dream down the road. The Straits Times ‘Healthy For 100’ Roundtable, featured four key stakeholders in the field of ageing, including IGA’s Deputy Director A/Prof Lim Wee Shiong, to discuss pressing issues that Singaporeans will have to tackle as they enter their golden years.

09 JANUARY, 2019

Child’s play for these seniors at TTSH’s new dementia unit

Step into Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s (TTSH) new 6-bedded geriatric unit and one will see older patients playing with dolls, enjoying a game of mahjong or a massage, as an oldie tune from songstress Teresa Teng plays softly in the background.

This is all part of the hospital’s Namaste programme, an innovative form of therapy for patients with dementia or delirium.

24 JULY 2019

Singaporeans unprepared for health costs of longer lives

While Singaporeans enjoy the longest lifespan in the world, preventative healthcare has a big role in ensuring quality of life.

23 JULY 2019

Singaporeans unprepared on rising medical costs of living to 100

Nearly half of healthcare practitioners in Singapore say that Singaporeans are, to some degree, unprepared for the health-related expenses of living to 100 years old, according to a survey done in 2018.

23 JULY 2019

Singaporeans are living longer but some will face cash crunch as they battle multiple illnesses: Study

The increasing longevity of Singaporeans may be a substantial healthcare success but some here will struggle to afford the rising healthcare costs of living to 100.

The ‘Healthy for 100? Healthy care in Singapore’ study, commissioned by Prudential, concluded that many Singaporeans will spend their later years in ill health, and urged younger people and the nation as a whole to do more to prevent chronic illness.

23 JULY 2019

Prevention more critical as Singaporeans live longer with chronic diseases: Prudential

Eight in 10 medical practitioners say Singapore’s healthcare system should focus more on disease prevention as Singaporeans live longer and are predisposed to chronic diseases at an earlier age.

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