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Breast Cancer Management


Where do I go following my decision for surgery?

Financial Counselling

We will provide an appointment at the Pre-Admission Counselling and Evaluation (PACE) Clinic where financial counselling will be done. At PACE, you will receive information on the following:

  1. Estimated cost of surgery and admission
  2. Instructions in preparation for the surgery
  3. Instructions for admission on the day of surgery

Anaesthesia Review

An anaesthesia appointment will be provided if your surgeon feels that you will benefit from a formal review by the anaesthetist prior to surgery. You will benefit from an anaesthetist review if you have other medical condition(s) that require need to be brought to attention prior to surgery, or if your surgery is expected to be a relatively complex or major surgery.

Following an anaesthetist review, you may be given appointments to see other specialist(s) for further evaluation and review prior to the surgery.

Plastics and Reconstructive Surgeon Review

If you are considering the option of breast reconstruction following the breast surgery, an appointment will be given for you to have a consult with see our Plastics surgeons at Clinic 3A.

Breast Care Nurse Review

You will be given an appointment to see our own Breast Care Nurse at The Breast Clinic one week prior to your surgery. Our Breast Care Nurse will provide you with information on how to care for the wound and yourself post surgery.

Day Before Surgery

On the day before surgery, follow the instructions provided by the PACE clinic on how to prepare for the surgery. You will also receive a call one working day prior to your surgery to be notified on the reporting time for your surgery.

Day of Surgery

Report to the Day Surgery Centre for admission. After registration, you will be brought to the waiting area to get changed in preparation for the surgery. You will be brought into the operating theatre once it is your turn.


Breast Cancer Screening

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Singapore (1 in 11 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime). Fortunately, breast cancer can be detected at an early stage through screening. Studies have shown that screening reduces the risk of death from breast cancer by 25%.

At The Breast Clinic Screening / Breast Screening Clinic,

  1. We are 1 of 4 assessment centres participating in the nationwide BreastScreen* Singapore
  2. We run BreastScreen clinics every Tuesday and Friday
  3. Screening involves performing mammograms of both breasts at regular intervals
    • For women between 40 to 49 years of age, mammogram is to be done yearly
    • For women above 50 years of age, mammogram is to be done every two years

Mammogram is the only approved modality for breast cancer screening. If the mammogram results are abnormal, you may be asked to repeat the scan and perhaps even to do a biopsy.

What Makes Us Different?

  • All screening and procedures are done at a single location – The Breast Clinic @ TTSH
  • All screening and procedures are done on the same day as far as possible
  • A senior specialist breast surgeon is present every day (Monday to Friday)

Most women are referred from the polyclinic or from general practitioners, but you can simply walk into The Breast Clinic @ TTSH and request for an appointment.

Symptomatic Breast Clinic

The Breast Clinic @ TTSH aims to offer a ‘one-stop’ service for women with breast problems. This means:

  • You will be reviewed by a specialist breast surgeon
  • You will have the necessary breast imaging performed
  • The results will be reviewed, and the diagnosis and treatment plan discussed with you
  • If the results are abnormal, a biopsy will be arranged immediately

Common Breast Problems that We Encountered

  • Breast lump
  • Breast pain
  • Nipple discharge
  • Abnormal findings on mammogram or breast ultrasonography
  • Request for screening because of a family history of breast cancer

Workflow at The Breast Clinic @ TTSH


Breast Cancer Treatment

Here at The Breast Clinic @ TTSH, we adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to breast cancer treatment.

We bring together specialists from various disciplines and our allied health professionals to ensures that our patients receive the most comprehensive care. Multi-disciplinary tumour board meetings are held every week to discuss newly diagnosed cases and to decide on the best treatment plan. After these meetings, patients are reviewed by all the specialists involved at a single location – at The Breast Clinic @ TTSH.

The Breast Clinic Specialists

Surgical removal of the breast tumour plays an important role in the treatment of breast cancer. This is often the first step in the treatment process. Our surgeons are specially trained in breast surgery and perform the latest surgical techniques.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

  1. Dr Cheong Ee Cherk
  2. Dr Ng Hui Wen
  3. Dr Michelle Ho

Medical Oncologists

  1. Dr Lavina D. Bharwani
  2. Dr Chia Yee Hong
  3. Dr Shang Yeap

Radiation Oncologists

  1. Dr Koh Wee Yao
  2. Dr Leong Yiat Horng
  3. Dr David Chia


  1. Poh May Luang Joyce
  2. Sim Huimin Melissa
  3. Choo Ying Ying Roselyn

Breast Cancer Nurses and the TTSH Breast Cancer Support Group

We recognise the importance of journeying with patients through their diagnosis and treatment. With this aim, the Breast Cancer Support Group was started in 2001. The support group is a platform for breast cancer survivors to support each other through shared experiences and activities such as meals and special events. The camaraderie of the patients who have gone through similar experiences helps to alleviate the fear of patients with their diagnosis. Many of the patients have built strong bonds and friendships over the years.

Gatherings are organised once every two to three months with activities ranging from gatherings to celebrate the multiracial festivals, beauty lessons to art lessons. Members keep in contact regularly and even meet for informal gatherings too.

Visit our Facebook page for more details.

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