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Diabetes is a condition in which there is too much sugar (glucose) in your blood. Our body can only use sugar for energy with the help of insulin hormone. For diabetics, insulin is either not produced or the body does not respond to it. Click on the links below to learn more about diabetes and its prevention.

  • Insulin

    Insulin allows glucose to move into cells to be stored in the body as energy (fuel).

  • Prevention

    Learn more how you can reduce the risk of getting diabetes.

  • Management of Blood Glucose

    Learn more on Hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) and Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose).

  • Caring for Your Foot

    People with diabetes are at risk of foot problems. If these problems are not addressed early, infection can occur.

  • Eye Care

    Diabetes can cause complications, which affect different parts of the body including the eye.

  • Nutrition

    Check out on some some guidelines on diabetes management.

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