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ICU Care for Covid-19 Patients

In these videos, we hope to provide information for you and your loved ones to better understand what treatment in ICU involves as well as alternative modes of care available.

ICU care for Covid-19 patients (Patient's version)


ICU care for Covid-19 patients (Family/ Caregiver's version)



新冠病重症与加护病房的治疗 (病人指南)


新冠病重症与加护病房的治疗 (家属指南)


Kami mengharap video ini akan membantu anda dan ahli-ahli keluarga lebih memahami tentang penjagaan di unit rawatan rapi (ICU) serta kaedah rawatan alternatif.

Penjagaan ICU untuk pesakit Covid-19 (Versi pesakit)


Penjagaan ICU untuk peasakit Covid-19 (Versi ahli-keluarga/ penjaga pesakit)


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