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Visual Field Test

This test is necessary for the eye doctor to diagnose or monitor patients with glaucoma. It usually takes about 6 to 8 minutes per eye.

The Day Before Your Test

Get a good night sleep!

You need rest in order to be able to concentrate and perform the test properly, so that the results are accurate and reliable.

On The Day Of Your Test

Instruction for test
We will provide instructions and a demo if it is your first time, or if you have forgotten how to do the test. If you have any language barriers in understanding, please ask for an interpreter.

Bring your current distance glasses or contact lenses

Visual Eye Test 01.jpg

Please avoid wearing contact lenses on the day of the test. If you have to, please bring along a casing and solution for easy removal of your contact lenses during eye examination.

If you had a cataract operation done recently...

Visual Eye Test 02.jpg

Inform the technician so that he or she can choose the appropriate corrective lens for your test.

If you have dry eyes…

Visual Eye Test 03.jpg

We recommend that you bring your regular eye drops and apply them 10 minutes prior to test.

During The Test

Correct sitting position

Visual Eye Test 04.jpg

Rest your lower back on the back rest of the chair and lean your head slightly forward. You should look straight ahead without tilting or turning your head.

Correct eye position

Your eye lashes should be nearly touching the focusing lens in front of your eyes. If the lens holder is blocking your view, please inform the technician.

Focusing on the target

Visual Eye Test 06.jpg

Keep looking straight ahead at the target without moving your eyes. You should use your side vision to spot the lights that come into your view.
Important: The test will NOT be accurate if you move your eyes!

Clicking the button

Visual Eye Test 07.jpg

Click the button only if you see a spot of light. These spots have different degrees of brightness and the time gap between each spot also changes.

Visual Eye Test 08.jpg

When you are feeling tired

You can blink or rest during the test. Press and hold the button to pause the test. The test will resume when you release the button.

Visual Eye Test 09.jpg

Download brochure (322 kb, PDF)

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