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Where to Park

Parking is available at Carpark A, Basement 3 and Basement 4.

Please note our car park is often fully utilised. Visitors are advised to take public transport where possible or to park their vehicles at nearby buildings in the event of a full car park situation at our hospital.


The charges for parking are as follows* :

Monday to Saturday (7 am to 6 pm)$2.40 per 60 minutes
Monday to Saturday (6 pm to 7 am)$2.40 per entry
Sunday & Public Holiday$2.40 per entry

* first 15 minutes free * on per minute charges * inclusive of GST 

Valet parking is available from Mondays to Fridays (8am - 6pm) at Carpark along Sinaran Drive and B3 Carpark.

The charges for valet parking are as follows:

First 4 hours$4
Every subsequent 1 hour thereof$1

Note: Valet charges exclude parking charges. Normal parking charges still apply.

Cashcard Top-­Up Stations are available @L1, Cheers Outlet, @B1 outside Emergency Department, @B3 Carpark. 

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