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Falls are not necessarily part of ageing and can be preventable. Often in older adults, falls may lead to reduced confidence in carrying out physical activities, thus impacting an individual’s quality of life. One should start falls prevention as early as possible to delay this physical decline.

stand up against falling
Everyone should include balancing and strengthening exercises, which have proven effectiveness in reducing falls, as part of their workout routines. Balance exercise focuses on training one’s ability to maintain good posture during movement and when in a still position. Strengthening works on the muscles with some resistance aimed at improving one’s muscle and bone strength.

Furthermore, increasing physical activities in your daily lifestyle keeps the body healthy. Add on regular exercises, take the stairs instead of the lift, and walk instead of taking a public transport service, to help lower your risk of falling!

Written by Ms Ooi Bee Yin, Senior Physiotherapist (Department of Physiotherapy) and Ms Rachel Ho, Physiotherapist (Department of Physiotherapy)

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