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A caregiver is someone who takes on the responsibility of looking after another person who is unable to care for himself or herself. A caregiver plays multiple roles at different points in time. You may find yourself being a nurse, a financial advisor, a care coordinator or an advocator throughout the journey. Regardless of whatever stage you are at in your caregiving journey, we hope to be there for you. Project Carer Matters is a nursing initiative created specially for caregivers like you.

About Carer Matters

Carer Matters is an initiative to support caregivers of older adults. Find out more about our initiative, workshops and resources.

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Caregiver Assessment

Each caregiver’s journey is unique. Find out more about your needs and receive tailored resources from us.

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A Caregiver's Journey

As a caregiver, you will embark on a journey of highs and lows. Let us guide you along this journey.

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Our Caregiver Workshops

Find out more about our available in-house caregiver workshops.

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Caregiver Resources

Find resources on how you can support yourself and your care recipient.

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Supporting a Caregiver

By creating a community of carers, we can help to support caregivers in        small ways.

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