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TTSH Multidisciplinary Oncology Conference 2019


With the increasing complexity and prevalence of cancer in Singapore, the importance for high quality, patient- centric multidisciplinary care is essential for the treatment of oncology patients. Through the TTSH Multidisciplinary Oncology Symposium 2019, we are able to bring together various experts to share and learn on the latest development in the treatment and care management of patients with limited oligometastatic disease, particularly in the liver, lung and peritoneum, where selection of locoregional and systemic treatments can be complex.

The symposium aims to review the latest evidence in the management of oligometastatic disease and bring experts together to improve our understanding , so that we can deliver a better quality of care for oncology patients in Singapore.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Date / Time
5 October 2019 / 8.00 am to 5 pm
9 hours
Centre for Healthcare Innovation, Halls 1 - 3 19 Jany Ribbon
Day 1: Optimal Management of Oligometastatic Disease: Biology of Cancer Driving Treatment Decisions (Open to Healthcare Professionals only)
  • Cancer Biology and Biomarkers Guiding Treatment in Oligostasic Disease
  • Recent Updates on Surgical Management on Olimetastatis
  • Challenges when Treating Oligometastic Diseae in the Liver
  • Up to Date Surgical Treatment of Peritoneal Metastasis
  • Challenges for Surgeons in Management of Oligometastatic Lung Deseases

Day 2: Cancer Rehabilitation and Nutrition

The number of cancer cases in Singapore have been rising over the past years with on one in five people developing cancer in their lifetime.

Join us at our pubic forum to learn more about how Cancer Rehabilitation and Nutrition plays an important role in the management of and recovery from cancer. Take the opportunity to also find out about the support groups help in a patient's journey to recovery. Sign up here.

CME and CPE points will awarded to participants.

For further details you may visit our conference website at: TTSH Conference 2019 site.

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