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The Healthcare Professional’s Guide to Transtibial Prosthetics


Lower limb amputations as a result of vascular complications are the leading cause of amputation in the developed world. With increasing rates of chronic diseases that may result in amputation, such as diabetes and peripheral vascular disease, most healthcare professionals are likely to encounter at least one lower limb prosthesis user during the course of their careers.

Below knee amputations (transtibial amputations) are the most common level of lower limb amputation and are likely to be encountered by different groups of healthcare professionals in a variety of settings.

Date / Time
July - September 2021 / Date and time to be confirmed.
1 day
To be confirmed.

Target audience

Medical staff, Allied Health Professionals, Therapy Assistants and other healthcare professionals involved in the care of transtibial prosthetic users


  • Vanessa Ng
    Senior Prosthetist / Orthotist
    BSc Prosthetics and Orthotics
  • Ng Li Bing
    Prosthetist / Orthotist
    BSc Prosthetics and Orthotics
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AHINet Event
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Eu Yan Lin
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