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Facilitating Occupation through the Oncology Care Continuum


Cancer cases have been rising over the years. In Singapore, about 35 people are diagnosed with cancer every day. Living with cancer can pose many challenges in one's life journey.

The difficulties in managing the symptoms of cancer and side effects of treatment are notable barriers to participation in purposeful and meaningful activities of daily living. It may come to a point when cancer patients have high symptom burden and require advanced care.

Palliative care is offered to cancer patients to improve their quality of life. Literature have highlighted the important role of palliative care in the care of cancer patients at the end of life. Providing quality rehabilitation care to patients with cancer require specific skills and knowledge to enable and facilitate patient's continued engagement in their valued activities in spite of their limitations.

Date / Time
To be confirmed.
1 day.

This one-day workshop aims to equip Occupational Therapists with the:

  1. Knowledge of the continuum of therapy for cancer patients from diagnosis to end of life.
  2. Knowledge to describe the impact of cancer and side effects of treatment on occupation.
  3. Skills to support patients, in different stages of cancer continuum, to manage disease and/or treatment related symptoms and participate in occupation.
  4. Knowledge to adopt a rehabilitative palliative care approach in occupational therapy interventions.

Target audience: Occupational Therapists.


  1. Ms Nurul Ain Rahmat, Senior Occupational Therapist
  2. Ms Josephine Neo, Senior Occupational Therapist
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AHINet Event
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Clyde Siow
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