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AHINet Lower Limb Casting Workshop

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Spasticity is a common consequence of stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy or spinal cord injury. Spasticity can result in pain, decreased range of motion and affect functional use of the lower limbs.

Management of spasticity include medication, botulinum injection, alcohol neurolysis, range of motion exercise, splinting and electrical stimulation. However, these interventions may be inadequate for maintaining muscle length and joint range among patients with severe spasticity and contracture. The application of serial and inhibitory casting can be an useful adjunct in the overall management of patients with severe spasticity and contracture.

Target Participants

Physiotherapists specializing in the area of neurological and geriatric rehabilitation.


The casting workshop includes lectures and practical sessions aimed at equipping physiotherapists with the skills and knowledge in casting procedures.  This course also aims to challenge therapists toward a problem-solving approach.

Workshop details

Date, Time & Venue

27th July 2012 (Friday)
2.00pm – 6.00pm @ Boardroom, Level 3, Tan Tock Seng Rehabilitation Centre at Ang Mo Kio – Thye Hua Kwan Hospital

28th July 2012 (Saturday):
8.30am – 5.00pm @ Training Room , Level 1, Tan Tock Seng Rehabilitation Centre at Ang Mo Kio – Thye Hua Kwan Hospital



Closing Date

13th July 2012

Registration and other details

To register and find out details of the programme and speakers, download AHINet's "Lower Limb Casting Workshop" booklet.

  • This workshop is limited to 20 participants for optimal supervision and learning
  • All participants will receive certificate of attendance upon completion of cours
  • For Enquiry: (Tel: 65070781)