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TTSH Healthcare Professionals Bag Five Annual NHG Awards

19 June 2012, Singapore – Five healthcare professionals from Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) were honoured with National Health Group (NHG) awards in recognition of their significant contribution and performance in their fields of expertise.

As a collective group, these five professionals helped TTSH to clinch the highest number of NHG accolades out of 11 awards given out this year.

The five TTSH award recipients comprise three winners of the NHG Distinguished Achievement Award and two winners of the NHG Outstanding Citizenship Award.

The three NHG Distinguished Achievement Award winners from TTSH are:

The two NHG Outstanding Citizenship Award winners from TTSH are:

  • Dr Karen Chua Sui Geok, Senior Consultant, Dept of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Ms Ho Pei Wah Laura, Senior Nurse Manager, Wards

These five TTSH professionals were presented the awards by Mdm Kay Kuok, NHG Chairman, at The NHG & HMDP Awards Ceremony 2012 today.

Dr Lee Siew Khow was a senior physician with TTSH from 1977 to 2004 and was active in both clinical care and research in respiratory diseases and TB. He contributed significantly to the development of General Medicine and the Tuberculosis Control Unit (TBCU) in TTSH. He introduced fiberoptic bronchoscopy and transbronchial lung biopsy to the Department. During the SARS period, Dr Lee even volunteered to go into the SARS wards to look after SARS patients. His professionalism and courage will always be an inspiration to the younger generation of doctors. In recognition of his distinguished services and invaluable contributions, Dr Lee was conferred the prestigious Emeritus Consultant title in 2004. He was also awarded TTSH Long Service Award in recognition of 30 years of longstanding and loyal service.

A/Prof Eillyne Seow, who has been with TTSH for 25 years, holds multiple appointments in both TTSH and NHG. When TTSH was designated as a major centre to treat mass casualties, she was actively involved in the emergency planning and development of standard operating procedures to deal with national crises. She also led the implementation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system which enabled TTSH’s Emergency Department (ED) to improve its clinical care, service quality and overall efficiency. She was a presented with the National Day Award Medal of Valour in 2003 for overcoming SARS.

Adjunct A/Prof Tai Hwei Yee, who has been with TTSH for 28 years, was instrumental in setting up the hospital’s Pre-Admission Counselling and Evaluation Service. She established new peri-operative processes that enabled TTSH to be the first in Singapore to introduce Same Day Admission for elective surgery and 23-hr Ambulatory Surgery. As current Clinical Advisor and former Director of Casemix Office, Dr Tai was instrumental in forming Singapore’s first case management unit in Singapore. She has developed a model for acute care case management that has been adopted by other hospitals.

Dr Karen Chua Sui Geok, who has been working with TTSH for 22 years, wears many hats in areas, ranging from clinical, educational, research to administration and policy. She leads the brain injury rehabilitation team in programme quality, development, delivery and education. Since 2011, Dr Chua has been appointed as Director of TTSH’s Technology group, particularly in developing its Centre for Advanced Rehab Therapeutics (CART). She has also been actively involved in collaborative research work with many agencies on brain injury rehabilitation.

Ms Ho Pei Wah Laura, who has been with TTSH since 1995, has received kudos for her contributions in the clinical, educational as well as policy and administration areas. She has garnered several awards for her sterling performance, including the Best Performer Award in 1997, Best Quality Award in 2003 and in 2009, the NHG Clinical Practice Improvement Award and MOH Efficiency Award.

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About The National Healthcare Group (NHG) Award

The National Healthcare Group (NHG) administers four awards. The Lee Foundation - NHG-NUHS Lifetime Achievement Award recognises NHG or NUHS medical doctors and dental clinicians who have made significant and impactful achievements throughout their medical career, particularly in elevating the quality of public healthcare services for the benefit of the Singapore community. The NHG Distinguished Achievement Award recognises NHG staff who have achieved remarkable careers and contributed to NHG’s multifaceted strategic objectives in the clinical, operational, educational or research arenas.

The NHG Outstanding Citizenship Award recognises NHG staff who have made immense contributions to NHG’s strategic objectives and taken on additional responsibilities outside of their own portfolios. Last but not least, the NHG Distinguished Contributor Award recognises friends of NHG who have demonstrated exceptional goodwill and made significant contributions towards improving healthcare and helping NHG achieve its goal of ‘Adding Years of Healthy Life’.