Who We Help


Unless you have been in their shoes, it is often hard to imagine the challenges that our patients face every day. Besides the worry and stress that comes with these health problems, post-hospitalisation care like medicines, special meal plans, and even transportation for follow-up checkups can burden our patients. These are the things that we often take for granted.

Every dollar helps with their healing journey. Take a look at how your donation is keeping some of our core programmes going: 


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All monetary donations will enjoy 250% tax-exemption (applicable to Singapore tax-payers only). A tax-exemption receipt will be issued for donations of SGD$50.00 and above/upon request.

Note: Please do not mail cash. You may contact us if you wish to make a cash donation in person.

Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP)

Sometimes, rehabilitation is part of a patient’s recovery process. CRP is a home rehabilitation service for low-income patients, particularly those with stroke and neurological conditions who are unable to access expensive rehabilitation facilities in the community.

Diabetes Care Programme (DCP)

Diabetic patients need lifesaving supplies like insulin syringes, pen needles, lancets, and meters to keep their condition under control. Our Fund helps to prevent deterioration of their condition by providing financial aid for the purchase of such supplies.

Dedicated to AIDS/ HIV Women’s Needs (DAWN) Programme

DAWN looks after the physical and emotional well-being of women living with HIV/AIDS, many of whom are breadwinners of their families. We also support needy pregnant HIV patients with their treatment that can help prevent their babies from being HIV positive. Aid is given through medication, nutrition and medical care programmes and services to help the women find strength in their lives and better cope with their conditions.

Helping Elderly Patients (HELP) Programme

There are many elderly patients in our hospital. Some of them are unable to afford their ‘out of pocket’ healthcare expenses. We support them for these unsubsidised medical expenses, such as non-standard medication, interim dialysis, diapers, and dentures.

Help Me Go Home Programme

Patients who need breathing machines to stay alive would love to return home to their loved ones, but they cannot afford the high costs. We provide them with the expensive equipment so that they can go home to their families.

Moving with Ease (MovE) Programme

We provide our needy patients with mobility aids like wheelchairs, prostheses, and transport services for their follow-up clinic sessions. Some of them may not have ramps and grab bars to move around the house easily. Others who are discharged need customised ramps urgently. Our Fund helps to create a safer home environment for patients to reduce the risk of falls.