Who We Help


Continuing Mr Tan Tock Seng’s Legacy of Giving, we are committed to improve the quality of life for needy patients in our community.

The Fund actively helps the needy sick access necessary care after discharge. Here are a few of our core programmes:

Helping Elderly Patients (HELP) Programme

Helps elderly needy patients with their medical needs – diapers, wound dressing, nutrition, interim-dialysis, mobility aids, vision and hearing problems, etc.

Diabetes Care Programme (DCP)

DCP assists needy patients with diabetes to manage and keep their condition under control, preventing deterioration of the condition which can result in blindness, amputation or even death. Our Charity provides financial aid for insulin syringes, pen needles, lancets, test strips and meters for home blood glucose monitoring.

Moving with Ease (MovE) Programme

Some of our needy patients require help in their recovery process so that they can be ambulant again. Help is given through the provision of wheelchairs, walking aids and prosthesis. The MovE Programme also provides taxi transport services so that the patients, especially those who are immobile, are able to visit the hospital for their medical appointments.

Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP)

CRP is a Home Rehabilitation service for low-income patients, particularly those with stroke and neurological conditions who are unable to access expensive rehabilitation facilities in the community.

Help Me Go Home Programme

Patients who are ventilator dependent want to go home. Even though they are medically fit to go back, they can’t because they are unable to afford the costly breathing equipment and consumables. The Help Me Go Home Programme helps such needy patients obtain the equipment so that they can go home to be with their loved ones. Your help not only lightens their financial burden, it lifts them and their family emotionally, and in doing so improves the patient’s quality of life.

Programme Dedicated to AIDS/ HIV Women’s Needs (DAWN)

DAWN looks after the physical and emotional well-being of women living with HIV/ AIDS as well as provide support for their families. Aid is given through medication, nutrition and medical care programs and services which we hope will enable these patients to find strength in their lives and be able to cope with their conditions. It also supports needy pregnant HIV patients with their treatment that can help prevent their babies from being HIV positive.