Fundraising Events and Campaigns

Champions of Life at TTSH - Chapter 173


Champions of Life at TTSH - Chapter 173 brings the very first group of 173 local companies coming together to continue the legacy of Founder Tan Tock Seng in supporting the needy sick in our community.

We invite our home-grown/Singapore-based companies and brands to lend support towards improving the quality of life for TTSH’s needy patients.

‘Many drops of water together an ocean make’. Based on the collective power of many coming together to do good, each local company can pledge a do-able $1,000 or more each year over 2 years. The collective funds from 173 companies will yield a substantial sum that can help lighten the financial burden of many needy patients in this increasingly tough economy.

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One to a Million Quest


It is vital to have a steady stream of donations so that help can be given to the needy sick whenever they need it, even in uncertain times. It is with this purpose that the “One to a Million” Quest campaign was launched.

We invite you to pledge a regular donation to help sustain the programmes under TTSH Community Fund that supports over 2,500 needy cases each year. Every donation, large or small, goes a long way in making a positive impact to the patients’ lives. Make an impact today.

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“Spare-A-Meal” Campaign


When you spare a meal and donate the equivalent to TTSH Community Fund, you are helping to provide timely assistance to needy elderly patients.

Our patients may need assistive aids such as breathing equipment and wheelchairs, interim dialysis treatments, non-standard medication, home-based therapy, nutritional supplements to help them control their condition or recover. Others may need dentures so that they can take their daily meals or hearing aids so they can hear their loved ones. All these out-of-pocket expenses are not subsidised.

You can help ease the financial burden these needy patients face and improve their quality of life.

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About 'The World on Your Plate'- A Celebration of Life! Coffee Table Recipe Book


Singapore is known for being a 'food paradise'. It is common to find that many foreign visitors and friends invariably miss the local cuisines available here. Hence this very special recipe book was conceived – bringing together our friends from the diplomatic community to share their favorite recipes from their home countries, to raise funds for HELP (Helping ElderLy Patients), a programme for needy patients under TTSH Community Fund.

The idea is that as we celebrate life through the enjoyment of good food, we can also help the needy elderly sick in the community, many of  whom, in their 60s and beyond, had been toiling alongside Singapore as it grew through the years. This project is a tribute to them, the elderly, who have contributed in their own ways to the progress of Singapore. President of Singapore, Dr Tony Tan had also graciously penned the foreword for this coffee table book. This special book will also feature a recipe from former Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew's family.

Receive a copy of 'The World on your Plate' by extending your helping hand to the needy elderly now!  

Limited copies of 'The World on your Plate' are available. There will be no reprints. You may own a copy of this meaningful book by making a donation or taking up a corporate sponsorship package.

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