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Working @ TTSH for Global Talents

Foreign staff, who are relocating to Singapore, will be granted relocation benefits. Other useful information such as relocation services, relocation of pets, accommodation in Singapore, employment pass, taxation system, local education system, banking and the local transport system will be provided to facilitate your entry into our community.

Alternatively, you may also refer to the useful links listed below for more information on your areas of concerns.

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The TTSH Experience: Voices from the Heart

Dr Monga, Medical Professional, Indian / SPR:

"Singapore offers the best combination of Asian values, first world comforts and the ideal work-life balance. As an employer, TTSH is like an extended family with cordial inter-personal relations without forgetting to reward hard work"

Richard, Allied Health Professional, British national:

"I have been living in Singapore for over a year now. In a relatively short period, Singapore's cosmopolitan lifestyle has given me a fantastic experience of different religions, cultures and languages. Working at TTSH has been a great start to my career. The exposure I have gained as a fresh graduate here, as compared to my colleagues based in England, is far more superior. Although the work pace is fast, I can manage the caseload and enjoy almost everyday at work. My colleagues come from all over the world, bringing different perspectives, ideas and experiences. There are daily challenges, predominantly setting up a treatment plan with very tight financial constraints, or educating patients with some help in translation from my friendly colleagues, but this adds to the experience and has improved my practical skills considerably.”

Maria Teresa, Nursing Professional, Philippines / SPR:

“TTSH recognizes my contribution, talent and hard work. I am given equal opportunity for developing my professional knowledge. For example, I was sent for Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Orthopaedic) and Healthcare Manpower Development Programme (HMDP). These prepare me to assume a higher level of responsibility in nursing.”

 Reandy, Manager:

"I had worked in a couple of industries before I joined TTSH as a Manager. I play an active role as a change agent in TTSH’s transformation process. For example, I was an integral team member in the development and implementation of the MyCare Intermediate program which was the runner up in the prestigious Asian Hospital Management Award (Runner Up) in 2009. The hospital has opened up new horizons for me and has definitely added a new dimension to my career.”

Crystal, Executive:

"Working as a Corp Communication Executive in Singapore’s second-largest acute care general hospital has presented a great number of professional opportunities. These have greatly helped me develop strategic relationships with the local media industry as well as better understand the healthcare sector. The work experiences I am gaining here are certainly helping me develop my career in public relations and communications.”

Md Nasir, Senior Engineer:

"Our Engineering team covers a whole of myriad complex systems, machines, equipment and facilities, with consideration of infection control and the environment. I was sent to Germany, USA and Canada to be equipped with new skills. It gives me a sense of accomplishment that TTSH is ISO14001 certified and is also the first hospital to clinch the Green Mark platinum award awarded in 2006 awarded by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA).”

Celesta, Patient Service Associate:

"At TTSH, I have learnt good customer service, medical knowledge for examples proper hand-washing techniques and being a team player. My work has taught me to handle patients and visitors tactfully and show more empathy towards demanding patients. It is rewarding to see patients leaving the hospital with a smile after their visit. What I like about the hospital is the challenging work, caring management and the close bonding between colleagues.”