Clinical Research and Innovation Office

About us

Clinical Research and Innovation Office (CRIO) aims to lead, promote and coordinate research culture and activities to support the development of TTSH into a reputable world-class research centre.

Contact us

For any query regarding our services, please call 6357 8390 or 6357 8359 during office hours (Mondays to Fridays, 8.30am - 5.30pm).

Volunteer for Clinical Studies

If you are deciding to volunteer for Clinical Trials or simply seek more information on the subject, please drop us an email at: 

CRIO aligns its mission with Singapore’s emphasis on life science biomedical research. It supports the research endeavours of all the staff in TTSH.

We foster research in TTSH across the whole spectrum from basic biomedical research to health services and population health research. Our staff at CRIO are experienced in life sciences research and clinical trials, both for academic and pharmaceutical company-sponsored studies. We are certified with  Singapore Guideline for Good Clinical Practice and are well-versed with Singapore’s research regulatory requirements.

We are committed to constantly upgrade our capabilities to support both investigators and pharmaceutical companies in conducting biomedical research and clinical trials.

We monitor and standardise the research processes within the hospital.

The CRIO administers research collaboration and liaise with National Health Group, SingHealth, other research organisation and various government organisations.


We are here to SUPPORT YOU!

Being Singapore Guideline for Good Clinical Practice (SGGCP) trained and well-versed with Singapore’s research regulatory requirements, we are professionals experienced in research and clinical trials. Our expertise spans academic and pharmaceutical company-studies.

Do engage us for your research needs ranging from transitional clinical research to health services and population research.

Contact us if you need assistance in:  

  • Clinical Trials
  • Grants
  • Clinical Study Management
  • Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Medical Writing
  • Data Management

For more information: 

  • Epidemiological Advice: 6357 3192
  • Biostatistics Consultation: 6357 8372
  • Medical Writing: 6357 7676
  • Data Management : 6357 8314
  • Clinical Research Coordinator Services: 6357 8391 /6357 8396
  • Feasibilities, Agreements, CTC, CTM: 6357 8359
  • Grant General: 6357 8359
  • Others: 63578391 / 90013257