Health Enrichment Centre

Health screening helps you find out if you have a particular disease or condition even if you feel perfectly well, without any symptoms or signs of disease.

Early detection, followed by treatment and good management of the condition can result in better outcomes, and lowers the risks of serious complications.

At the Health Enrichment Centre, we understand that every individual's health risks are different and determined by factors such as age, family history and lifestyle. Our doctors will review your health profile together with you and recommend the appropriate investigations, to suit your needs.

We offer comprehensive wellness services by our multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals and provide you with direct access to the specialist team of 30 clinical disciplines and full-fledged modern facilities of a tertiary care hospital with more than 1,500 beds.

Make Regular Health Screening Part Of Your Health Regime

You can get medical advice and personalised care from our dedicated team of healthcare professionals with 3 steps: