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TTSH is organising Singapore Public Healthcare’s first Make-a-thon to hack a patient’s self-admission experience, where the patient would self-help in selecting his/her ward class and facilitating his/her admission to an inpatient ward.

Experts would be invited to partner staff in prototyping the UIUX experience. The focus of the two day event will be on improving the UIUX of Self-Admission Kiosks to:

  • Best deliver a patient-centric admission experience; and
  • Enable frontline staff to focus limited resources on more complex financial counselling cases.

Let’s hack the self-admission experience together!


What are you going to make?

After doctors at Emergency Department (ED) have decided to admit a patient to an inpatient ward, the patient (or his/her next-of-kin) will be approached by the Financial Counselling (EDFC) unit to process the admission. As part of the admission experience, staff would counsel the patient (or the next-of-kin) on their expected inpatient bills and subsidies. See video below on the admission process at ED.


As part of the admission experience, staff would counsel the patient (or the next-of-kin) on their expected inpatient bills and subsidies.

The current admission process is labour intensive and can result in longer patient wait time. EDFC is interested in facilitating a smoother admission, and in delivering appropriate financial counselling advice according to the patients’ needs for more information.

Specifically, EDFC is interested in automating the admission experience end-to-end for selected patients. Such patients can self-help at designated kiosks and fast-track their admission.

EDFC invites you to hack the self-admission experience. This will include the UIUX of self-service kiosks at ED that will integrate with other key sub-services. As part of the Make-a-thon, you can streamline the processes; you can also design the UIUX to best deliver a patient-centric admission experience.



Dates to note:

  • Application Deadline: 3 February 2017
  • Finalists Notified: 10 February 2017
  • Provision of Maker’s Kit: 10 February 2017
  • Makeathon: 24 - 25 February 2017

Terms & Conditions

Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) is organizing and sponsoring Singapore Public Healthcare’s first Make-a-thon to hack a patient’s self-admission experience, where the patient would self-help in selecting his/her ward class (e.g. Class A/B1/B2/C) and in facilitating his/her admission to an inpatient ward.

1.1 The event is open for individuals or teams of individuals of at least 18 years of age to sign up. Each team must consist of 2-3 team members (“Participant”). Each participant is only permitted to join one team.
1.2 Each team may only submit one registration. All participants must be clearly included in the online registration form by the submission deadline (3 February 2017). Any changes after this date will not be considered, and the team may be disqualified from the Make-a-thon.
1.3 All Submissions must: (a) be original work and not be owned by or subject to any other person or entity having any right or interest in it; and (b) not violate any Intellectual Property Rights or other rights including but not limited to contract, copyright, patent, trademark, and/or privacy rights, of any other person or entity.
1.4 Participant shall not make available or disclose any Application or Submission to the public.
2.1 All materials including software, source code, documentation, data, concepts and ideas (whether created or developed independently by Participant or jointly with others) submitted to TTSH ("Submissions") shall be the property of Tan Tock Seng Hospital Pte. Ltd. Each participant acknowledges and agrees that any ideas or concepts related to the Submission are not confidential or proprietary, and TTSH may use, incorporate or disclose any of them now or in the future in any manner, and each participant waives any and all claims that may arise against TTSH (or its affiliates, contractors and agents) or anyone else participating or otherwise attending in this Make-a-thon for such use or disclosure.
3.1 Participant acknowledges and agrees that TTSH may display publicly, archive and reproduce any Submissions for broadcast, marketing, publicity and promotional purposes without any payment to the participants or the participants’ consent. This includes, but is not limited to, posting or linking to the Submission on the registration website as well as TTSH’s proprietary social media channels and website, and display and promotion of any Submission in any other media worldwide.
3.2 TTSH is not obligated to use any Submission for any purpose.
3.3 Participant is not granted the permission to use or display any of the TTSH Group’s trademarks (e.g. logo) or rights in any form. Participant agrees to seek the prior written consent of TTSH prior to promoting or publicizing their participation or activities related to the Make-a-thon.
4.1 Throughout the Event, participants may gain knowledge about TTSH’s activities, products, services and/or technical expertise which TTSH regards as confidential (“Confidential Information”). Participant agrees not to divulge, use or make copies of any Confidential Information. Participant agrees to use the Confidential Information only for the purposes of Submissions to TTSH for this Make-a-thon.
5.1 While reasonable care will be taken of the Submissions provided to TTSH, TTSH assumes no responsibility for any loss of or damage to the Submissions or any Applications before, during, and/or after the Competition.
5.2 Participant will indemnify and hold TTSH (including TTSH’s employees, directors and agents) harmless against any loss, damage, claim or expense (including but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs of investigation and defense) relating to or arising or resulting from any:
a. Bodily injury to or death of any person, or damage to or loss of any property caused by Participant’s negligent or willful acts or omissions;
b. Breach of Participant’s confidentiality obligations under this Agreement;
c. Claim of infringement of any patent, copyright, trademark or other proprietary or intellectual property rights of any third party;
d. Misuse by Participant of TTSH’s materials; or
e. Violation by Participant of any applicable laws
6.1 Participant consents to the collection, use and disclosure of personal data to the extent permitted under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012. In addition, Participant consents to be filmed or photographed while participating in the Make-a-thon. TTSH may also collect photographs, audio visual footage, comments, and any other record of participation in the Make-a-thon.
7.1 Participant acknowledges and agrees fully and unconditionally to the Terms and Conditions, and other instructions related to the Make-a-thon, as well as to the Judging Panel's decisions regarding the Make-a-thon, which are final and binding. Participant must also comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
7.2 TTSH may modify any timeline, start date/time or end date/time at TTSH’s sole discretion without posting updated terms and conditions or clarification; however, where such a modification would adversely affect the participants, TTSH will endeavor to give the Participant notice of the change via the participant’s email address as provided at the time of registering for the Make-a-thon.
7.3 TTSH’s failure to enforce any term of the Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that


Who can participate in this event?

We invite everyone including developers, designers, students and innovators who embrace design thinking, emphasise user interface and experience and enjoy co-creation.

Will computer devices be provided?

No. If selected, you will need to bring your own computer/device(s) and materials to the Makeathon. Network access and power supply will be provided at the venue.

Can I start developing before the event date?

Yes. Shortlisted participants will be notified by 10 February 2017. The Maker’s Kit will be made available to these participants from then on. You can start clarifications or development thereafter.

How do I submit my application?

Please submit applications here.

What do I need to present at the end of the challenge?

You would need to present a working prototype at the presentation on 25 February 2017 to a panel of Management and innovators. You will have 15 minutes to complete your demonstration and pitch your idea and working prototype. There will also be a 15 minutes Q&A session. The prototype should be in HTML5 and have the key features to meet the challenges.

What is the presentation and judging criterion?

You will be evaluated based on Business Value, Technical Competency, Innovation, Practicality, User Experience and Presentation. More details will be made available to shortlisted participants.

Can I attend but not participate in the competition?

Only shortlisted participants will receive further details of the project scope and programme.

Where will the event be held? 

It will be held at Tan Tock Seng Hospital over 2 days (24 – 25 February 2017) from 8.30 - 6pm. Refreshments and meals will be provided throughout the 2 days.

Who do I contact for further questions?

Please email us at