The TTSH Nursing Advantage

Nursing Career and Specialisation

As a nurse at TTSH, your career can take many paths. Based on your strengths and aspirations, you can explore different tracks in education, research or management. Or pursue the clinical track to become a Nurse Clinician or Advanced Practice Nurse.


Advanced Practice Nurse Geraldine Ng (General Medicine) conducts an informal discussion with nursing students. 

Regardless of the path you choose, numerous opportunities for skills and knowledge upgrading are abound – for example, post-NITEC courses, basic or advanced Diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Masters or PhD in nursing or other related fields. This additional training will enable you to assume advanced clinical and leadership roles, within different settings, to impact both patient care and the healthcare industry.

Shared Governance Model


Members of the four Governance Councils and the Pathway Committee gather together for their first Pathway Fiesta in May 2013 

Under the Pathway to Excellence programme, TTSH Nursing began a transformational journey to flatten the nursing dynamics from a traditional hierarchical model of interaction to a culture of empowerment. A Shared Governance Model was introduced to support nurses in defining their practices and improving quality and patient satisfaction, through a collaborative decision making process. Thus, the whole paradigm of management-led decision-making was redesigned to include ideas and views from all levels of nurses.


A Great Place to Work

Flexible Rostering 

With the introduction of flexible-rostering, nurses can now request for half-day leave or mutual exchange of shift among staff with similar skill mix. It facilities better integration of work, personal time and family responsibilities.

Buddy system 

The demands of coping with a new job in today’s acute and highly complex environment can be daunting for our new nurses, more so for our foreign nurses. Although the existing preceptorship scheme had been in place, our buddy system offers an informal and friendly support to help them assimilate and integrate better in TTSH.

Healthy Campaigns 


We aim to promote health and wellness within the nursing workforce. A couple of key events we organised over the past year were the health screening and flu vaccinations, our collaboration with Allied Health Department to elevate the well-being of our nurses through Traditional Chinese Medicine, Podiatrist and Dietitian services, and even free yoga sessions.

Clinical Exchange Program 

Clinical exchange program allows staff to experience other nursing areas through attachment, cross training or internal transfer. The nurse can have better insight on the different work cultures and environments, and a platform to enrich clinical knowledge and skills. The program could also help nurses to identify potential interest or specialty areas for further career development.

Nursing Innovation

In alignment with the goal of the innovation subgroup which is “for every nurse to know what is innovation”, NQR set up the all-year-round innovation fund. This fund aimed to encourage creativity in nursing practice and built a culture of innovation. As of 2013, 49 innovation ideas were given funds to prototype their ideas along with advice and mentorship from the NQR GC on how to improve the idea via an innovation clinic session. NQR GC concluded the year with an innovation awards day where innovators were invited to share their ideas on stage such that other nurses could learn from their experience. 

Nursing Innovation Fund