Nurses Inc.

Nurses' Inc EXCO team

Who are we?

Nurses Inc. was formed in 2005 by a team of passionate and outspoken nurses. Our vision is to be the voice for all TTSH nurses as well as a source of support by addressing issues close to nurses’ hearts.

Every nursing ward and department is represented and there are currently 54 representatives in this committee.

What do we do?

We take care of nurses’ welfare, gather information on nurses’ opinions and help to facilitate nurses in their respective roles. We do so through the following activities:

  • Gather feedback from frontline nurses and provide collective opinions to senior management
  • Disseminate nursing related information through our representatives
  • Review and improve nursing processes to enhance our working environment
  • Smooth out the transition of new nurses into their roles
  • Field visits to internal and external locations

Survival Guidebook for New Nurses