Nursing Research


The aims of our Nursing Research team are:

  • Deliver the best patient care through evidence-driven practice
  • Update nursing practice through knowledge creation and scientific enquiry

Meet our team of researchers

Our core team, formed in 2008, is led by a Deputy Director (Nursing) and comprises two registered nurses who are trained at Masters’ level in Health Research Methodology and Epidemiology. Other team members include Advanced Practice Nurses, Nurse Clinicians and Staff Nurses from the wards.

Research activities

To date, we have undertaken several research studies, evidence-based nursing and quality improvement projects. Currently, we hold several research and quality improvement grants from:

National Healthcare Group

  • Small Innovative Grant

Ministry of Health

  • Nursing Research Grant
  • Healthcare Quality Improvement Grants

Nursing research determines the sort of care patients receive

Nursing research has a direct impact on patient care and the findings from our completed projects are used to improve clinical nursing practice. Our findings are also published and presented at conferences.

Completed projects:

  • Oral Hygiene for Dependent Patients
  • Care of Patients on Nasogastric Feeding
  • Nurses’ Perception of Maggot Debridement Therapy
  • Treatment of Phlebitis

Projects in progress:

  • Effectiveness of Barley
  • Wound Management
  • Pain Control Post Total Knee Replacement
  • Prevention Urinary Tract Infection
  • Prevention of Pressure Ulcer

Research Courses

We also conduct teaching courses for nurses to build up their knowledge and skills and give them the confidence to carry out basic research projects. The courses include:

  • Literature search
  • Undertaking a systematic review
  • Understanding Evidence-based nursing
  • Research Methodology

Our Future

Nursing research is an integral part of nursing practice and has a direct impact on the care patients receive and their health outcomes. In addition, nursing practice which is driven by scientific principles ensures that only proven and effective nursing interventions are used.

We are a one-stop resource centre for nursing research initiatives. If you are interested to explore ways that we can partner and support you in your research endeavours, email Chan Ee Yuee at or Isabel Ng at