Tan Tock Seng Hospital builds “artificial brain” to manage services

Exclusive interview with TTSH's COO Dr Jamie Lim on the online portal GovInsider.


The article showcased how TTSH utilises technology and innovative solutions to mitigate labour shortages, increased demand and pressure on resources. As the country’s leading geriatrics centre, Tan Tock Seng Hospital operates at a “very high occupancy” and is “constantly being stressed”, Dr Lim explains.

The hospital has increased its bed capacity by 30% since 2010, he says, but this isn’t enough – better allocation is also needed. The artificial brain “combines all of the expertise and considerations of nursing, medical and operations and comes up with the best recommendation on the bed to be allocated”, mentioned Dr Lim.

This has helped free up staff to focus on caregiving work. Only 2 staff are now required per shift to manage 1,700 beds, compared to a team of at least four staff who “relied heavily on manual processes and documentation”, Dr Lim says. Robotics has its place in care delivery, but Dr Lim believes that healthcare is still very much a “relationship-based industry”. “Do I see the day where we can replace it totally with machines and robots? Maybe not, but I think automation has a role to play in augmenting manpower.” 

Full article can be read here.