Lianhe Zaobao (22 October 2017) - 一家医院住着患有各种伤病的患者。   

Behind the scenes of a patient’s meal (22 Oct ZBNow pg 15)

An exclusive Zaobao photo story on TTSH's Food & Beverage Services featuring the TTSH Kitchen. Have you ever thought about how patients meals are prepared and the processes that go on in the TTSH Kitchen? In this exclusive ZB photo story, gain insight on how our team serves some 1,300,000 meals to patients annually. The team also produces more than 40 different types of diets in four different cuisines – Chinese, Muslim, Indian and Western. These different diets are prepared using more than 200 recipe variations.

A multidisciplinary team of chefs and colleagues from Nursing, Speech Therapy and Nutrition & Dietetics conducting a monthly audit to ensure that patient meals meet the nutritional quality and standards. / 厨师、营养师、护理师等组成的稽 查队每月都会检查食物品质。Ensuring food warmer trolleys are charged, prepped and ready to serve meals. / 保温推车出发前必须好好充电。Vegetable and fruit washer machines equipped with water pressure jets automates the washing process and increases efficiency and relieves staff from manual washing. / 自动洗菜机能更有效地完成繁琐的清洗工作。Using auto-cooker rotary fryer machines to improve cooking efficiency and relives cooks from strenuous large-scale heavy cooking tasks. / 这台机器能按照最佳比例炒面。A production line is formed as staff load food warmers with packed bento sets. / 午餐时间将近,流水线上的员工忙碌起来。The kitchen caters for all patients, bearing in mind the different modified textured diets that patients would require. / 厨师会按照病患的需求搭配食品。A nurse in the ward preparing to serve meals to patients. / 自动化运送系统为护士分担繁重工作。An automated guided vehicle navigating its way back after delivering food trolleys to the wards. / 这台机器能将保温推车自动送达各病房。A nurse in the ward assisting a patient in having his meal. / 食物由护士送交病人。

除了治疗、药物,每日的餐饮务必讲究,首先得卫生,也必须含有充足营 养,辅助病患,且每个人的需求都不一样,挑战可不小。   

陈笃生医院采高度自动化的中央厨房系统,确保效率,每年为病人提供 130万顿餐食。   

中央厨房提供中餐、马来餐、印度餐与西餐四大类型餐食,更备有超过 200种食谱,让成品更多元。   

厨房团队由厨师、营养师、协调员、技术人员,以及清理卫生与储藏部门 组成,人数约100人。   


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