Press Releases

New TTSH services pave the way for a more hassle-free patient experience

7 January 2011 - Patients admitted through Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s Emergency Department for serious, but stable conditions such as asthma, appendicitis and pneumonia can now be discharged within 24 hours. 

Thanks to the new TTSH’s expanded Emergency Diagnostic and Therapeutic Centre (EDTC) where treatment for 18 such conditions is standardized and care for these patients is concentrated. 

The EDTC is designed to provide care in such a way that patients admitted for any of the 18 conditions do not need to be hospitalized for more than a day. The more timely discharges are made possible with the standardized treatment protocols, focused nursing care and more frequent consultant reviews. Besides the savings in time and cost to patients, more beds are also made available in TTSH’s main wards to treat patients with more critical conditions.

On another front, while anaesthesiologists elsewhere are still making notes on paper charts, an anaesthesia system in TTSH is leading the way for a more paperless and accurate flow of patient information.

The Anaethesia Information System (AIS) is the first large scale electronic anaesthesia charting system in Singapore which links all 24 Operating Theatres in TTSH. Vital signs such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation, airway pressure, procedures and drugs administered can now be captured and charted on behalf of anaesthesiologists.

TTSH’s anaesthesiologists are now spending their time monitoring and taking care of patients and making better clinical decisions in the highly stressful operating theatres. The system also enables them to have a good oversight of the happenings in the various OTs even when they are outside.