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TTSH’s new Healthcare Innovation Programme supports community health through training and innovations for better care delivery

7 October 2014 - At the 170th Founder’s Day celebrations for Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Guest-of-honour President Tony Tan announces a new programme by the hospital to shape future healthcare and improve care delivery.

In the same spirit of compassion and care that led to the founding of TTSH, this latest programme will pave the way for better patient care and more to be done for the community.

Named the Ng Teng Fong Healthcare Innovation Programme, this is established with a generous $52 million donation from the family of the late Mr Ng Teng Fong, a longtime supporter of our TTSH Community Charity. It is with hopes that this fund will go a long way in supporting training and innovation projects to benefit patient care and up the level of care within the community.

The programme will look at filling gaps to meet healthcare’s current and future needs, as well as taking a broad multi-level approach to better patient care delivery through:

  • developing and building human capital via healthcare-related training
  • actively supporting innovation that can bring better efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare
  • supporting programmes and activities in the community to enable them to play more effective roles in patient care as well as preventive care.

Training, Innovation and Enabling Community. This programme will fund training grants for healthcare professionals to stay relevant to meet changing needs and to manage new technologies. It will upskill healthcare staff and teams, as well as support collaborative healthcare-related projects with other institutions and community partners. It will also support healthcare innovations such as process re-engineering, or development of innovative ideas and devices which are integral in transforming healthcare delivery.

More uniquely, the programme will extend beyond the hospital walls, to support training for community care partners, volunteers, caregivers and families who are key parts in the care continuum, enhancing the level of care support in the community and building a more holistic and sustainable care model. Mr Khoo Kiang Hua, who has joined the Cardiac Rehabilitation Patient Support Group since 2002, had once shared, “I’m happy that the hospital invests in training for us. As a heart patient, I’m healthy. I would like to help the rest.”

A Management Committee reporting to the Board of the TTSH Community Fund has specially been set up to oversee the management of the funds and provide governance.

Ms Eunice Toh, Chairman of the Management Committee and Executive Director for TTSH Community Fund, said, “This is a valuable gift our hospital appreciates as it presents at an opportune time where increasingly complex healthcare needs require new ways of care delivery. We are excited about the possibilities and opportunities it brings about, and are grateful that it would give us a headstart in making a difference and shaping our future healthcare, even beyond the hospital walls."

Representing the family of the late Mr Ng Teng Fong to present the donation to TTSH Community Fund, Mrs Dorothy Chan said,“We are privileged to be able to make this gift to the TTSH Community Fund and to seek the welfare of the city, support the causes of the needy and show love to our neighbours, as our Christian values oblige us to do. My family and I are grateful to God for our father's life, and we thank Tan Tock Seng Hospital for establishing the Ng Teng Fong Healthcare Innovation Programme as a meaningful way to remember our father, who had a great interest in the development of healthcare in Singapore. He was a firm believer in the role of training and education as enablers of progress and success. It is our hope and fervent prayer that the Healthcare Innovation Programme will enhance the delivery of healthcare and bless the quality of life of the community.”



This special Programme is established in 2014 through the generous gift of $52M from the late Ng Teng Fong’s family to The Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Fund, of Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s charity arm. Unlike many other programmes, the Ng Teng Fong Healthcare Innovation Programme looks beyond the walls of the hospital through actively enabling Community Healthcare.

Objective: To enable community health through training and innovation.

Recognising that healthcare in Singapore is set to undergo much transformation in the years ahead to meet complex and ever changing needs in the population, the Programme aims to support the delivery of Community Health through an enabling approach, vis a vis through supporting training of healthcare professionals and training the community in preventive care, as well as supporting innovations in bringing better patientcare.

The Programme will focus on supporting the three broad areas: 

  1. Training: To deliver better and safe care, it is important that healthcare professionals stay relevant to meet changing needs, manage new technology and new ways of delivering care requires constant upskilling and continuous training. Two aspects are identified:
    • Core Training: Continuous Education/training of Healthcare Professionals for continued professional growth and development to improve patient care not just for today but for future needs in the community.
    • Team-based Training: Healthcare Team Collaborative Training ie team-based inter-disciplinary training of the respective groups of healthcare professionals in a clinical setting. Doctors and supporting medical professionals need to work as teams across different family groups to deliver patient care be it in the wards, clinics or in the operating theatres, or even beyond the walls of the hospital. Thus team-based interdisciplinary care training is integral to better delivery of care to the patient.
  2. Innovation: Supporting healthcare innovations to bring better efficiency, effectiveness and safety to patients are important components of patient care. Thus in addition to medical research, supporting innovations through process engineering, transforming workforce, innovating or inventions of devices, or even the testing of innovative ways of work processes is integral to excellent healthcare delivery. The Programme expects to support such activities and programmes at various levels: institutional or collaborative efforts with community partners, local institutions of learning, or even international partners.
  3. Enabling the Community: Beyond supporting training of healthcare staff , its support extends to include training that will help enable community partners such as other care institutions, volunteers, caregivers, patients’ families and even patient support groups, who are all necessarily part of the whole care continuum. The Programme takes a novel ‘enabling approach’ to support community health in a more holistic manner. By enabling care in the community in manpower-short Singapore, the Programme aims to engage untapped resources, helping to train the community through providing platforms in patient care training.