Patient Guide

Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery

Your eyes are the first features that people notice and are an important aspect of facial attractiveness. Unfortunately, over time your upper and lower eyelids may become droopy or baggy because of the stretching of its skin, weakening of its muscles and bulging of fat pockets around the eyes, giving rise to unsightly ‘eye bags’ or ‘rings’. Eyebrows may also sag or droop in the same way.

What are the symptoms?

Besides affecting your appearance, such conditions may also cause you to have a ‘tired’ or older look or cause symptoms of ocular fatigue. In severe cases, it could even lead to impaired vision.

What treatment forms are there?

Blepharoplasty is the surgery on the upper and/or lower eyelids to treat droopy eyelids and eye bags. This is often done under local anaesthesia with sedation as a day surgery procedure with no need for patients to be warded in the hospital.

Sometimes, in order to enhance the results of your eyelid surgery, your doctor may also recommend additional treatment such as a brow lift to correct a sagging eyebrow. Chemical peels, skin laser therapy or Botox® injections are other helpful treatment in selected patients to eliminate undesirable facial lines and wrinkles.

Am I a good candidate for surgery?

The best candidates for aesthetic surgery are those who are healthy as some medical conditions may increase the risk of surgery. There should also be a realistic expectation of the surgical outcome. Your surgeon will evaluate you to determine if you are suitable for surgery. Medisave or medical insurance will normally not cover the surgical fee as it is considered a cosmetic procedure.

The surgery results may vary from patient to patient, depending on the healing process. It is important to choose a qualified and experienced surgeon to perform the operation.